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close your eyes and see the skies are falling
willofthemanor wrote in pandoraheartsdr
For once, The Will of the mansion is in a good mood. The residents have been good, for the most part, and after all of those pranks played over the last week, she's willing to make it up to them with a light show. A night sky light show, to be exact.

The dark evening sky that mimics the one that the residents know back home will have a few new additions to it tonight. Meteors fly by at quick intervals, and if you look closely, they seem to reappear on the mansion grounds after the disappear on the horizon in the form of tiny fireflies, darting around over the bushes and trees and lighting the way through the hedge maze.

It's a beautiful sight to behold, and the temperature outside is moderate and cool - no frigid gusts of wind ruining the comforting atmosphere. Enjoy, everyone.

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[Liam noticed the shower from his bedroom window, and after some trepidation, he dressed and went outside.

He's sticking around people he recognizes after recent events.]

[And from behind a bush nearby is a tiny Gilbert. Trying to work up the courage to go out and apologize to the man that he's sure he offended horribly a few days ago.

Except it's cold out here, and he ends up sneezing and giving away his hiding spot before he's prepared to speak up on his own. Hello, Liam.]

[Liam glances toward the bush and then approaches cautiously--wary now that he's had a run-in with the Baskervilles. When he sees who it is, he relaxes and offers a little smile.]

Hello, Gilbert.

[Ugh, caught. He rubs at his nose and bows his head, feet shuffling nervously as he steps out from behind his hiding place.]

Good evening, sir.

[Since Liam is actually able to properly dress, he has a handkerchief, so he brings it out and hands it to the boy.]

You can just call me Liam, Gilbert. Are you enjoying the meteor shower?

[He shakes his head at the offer, folding his hands politely in front of himself.]

I am, sir.'re an important person to Mister Rufus, so I don't know that I can call you something so informal.

[Oh. This again. Liam considers.]

Well, we're both servants, so I've often found it simpler to drop titles entirely.

But you are right--after all, you're an important person to Master Rufus as well. [He carefully does not mention Jack.] Perhaps I should call you Gilbert-san?

Ah - no! I'm still a much lower status than you! Before I came here, I'd only worked for the house for...for...

[It's been so long that he's not exactly sure anymore.]

For...a couple of months.

[That wouldn't do, would it? A Jack passes him and smiles brightly.]

Lovely night, isn't it?

[Liam does a double-take when he sees the speaker, then hisses in a bit of pain as that movement jolts his shoulder.

He does manage a polite and just slightly surprised.]
Very, Lord Vessalius.

Please, just Jack.

[He stares a little.]

Are you all right?


[He nods, surreptitiously studying the man. This wouldn't be the one who was young Gilbert's master, or the boy would have found him. And Liam is very aware of Gilbertine's warning that people with friendly faces often are not.]

I'm fine, thank you.

[Jack knows when he's being studied, and he links his hands behind his back, peering up at the man with a smile.]

You— pardon me, but I don't believe we've been acquainted.

[Liam offers a little smile. In his own world, Jack knows him after the incident at Pandora that necessitated him stepping in on behalf of Oz and Alice, but if he's still alive.]

I believe we're from different timelines. Liam Lunettes.

I've only been here a few weeks.

Ah, that explains it. I was taken here during the Tragedy.

[He holds out a hand for him to shake.]

Welcome to...well, wherever this is, then!

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