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close your eyes and see the skies are falling
willofthemanor wrote in pandoraheartsdr
For once, The Will of the mansion is in a good mood. The residents have been good, for the most part, and after all of those pranks played over the last week, she's willing to make it up to them with a light show. A night sky light show, to be exact.

The dark evening sky that mimics the one that the residents know back home will have a few new additions to it tonight. Meteors fly by at quick intervals, and if you look closely, they seem to reappear on the mansion grounds after the disappear on the horizon in the form of tiny fireflies, darting around over the bushes and trees and lighting the way through the hedge maze.

It's a beautiful sight to behold, and the temperature outside is moderate and cool - no frigid gusts of wind ruining the comforting atmosphere. Enjoy, everyone.

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[It's just chilly enough out there that Break is in Liam's red MIT hoodie, his hands tucked into the big pocket on the front of it. He's out of sorts, tonight, owing to a hellish week -- no. No, the week was fine. Wonderful, even. It was the conclusion of it that was spectacularly painful.

He's even feeling guilty over the comfort it brings him to be snuggled into Liam's shirt.

And now, to top it all off, it's the first time it has been warm enough for him to be outside in the night. Alone in the middle of the yard, staring up at the sky, Break is confronted with the disorienting fact that these are completely different stars than the ones he has at home. He's not looking at the meteors. He's looking for constellations he knows, and they simply aren't there.

Break isn't sure why he's surprised by this.]

"Are you going to make a wish?" Elliot asks as he pads up from behind. Like Break, he's watching the sky, but he's a lot more focuse on the lights streaking across the sky.

Break turns as the child approaches, summoning up what he can of a smile.

"I wasn't planning on it, no."

He goes to stand right next to the man.

"Why not? It might come true, you know!"

placeholder - I swear I'm leaving now

[Gil is over here. Approaching. Don't worry, he doesn't have his deathsticks in hand.]


Go awaaaaaaaaaaay (have fun)


[Approaching on his own and calling out to him, even? Gilbert must want something.]

[No, he doesn't need anything. Well, aside from information.]

Ah...are you all right?

[Liam catches sight of him, and meanders over.

It takes a moment to realize Break isn't smiling, not even fakely.]

Poor consolation prize, isn't it?

[He's saying this in reference to being stuck here. He has no idea about the prank played on Break.]

At least it's pretty, I suppose.

It's nice enough to me in general, I suppose.

[It's an absolutely shitty consolation prize, in fact. But, he supposes, life will be better overall if the mansion continues to pay off this latest bout of meanness bit by bit, the way it has since he's come here.

Better to have one's ice cream appear over a long period of time, rather than all at once and then never again.]

Stare too long and they may look for you as well.


[...huh. That's funny; that voice is familiar and yet not, almost sounds like --]

[Is that David Fucking Bowie?]

...I'm sorry, I don't -- recall eating any hallucinogenic peaches today?

The Raven is passing behind the moon tonight. [And he points at one of those strange constellations Break is looking at. He's noticed the man staring at it.] My mother used to tell me it meant a dark month ahead.

[Break blinks at the sudden statement, and the unfamiliar voice. Turning to regard this new companion, he murmurs:]

So these are stars from somebody's world, then?

[Stop. Blink. Squint.]

...weren't you dead in the main foyer once?

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