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The finest clothing made is a person's skin, but, society demands something more than this.
Frustration | Your faith walks on
of_murder wrote in pandoraheartsdr
[Though nothing can possibly top the epic trolling of a Gil that took place last night--

Someone has stolen Gilbertine’s clothes. All of them. Her shirts, pants, coats, jackets, even her shorts and binding are gone. The young woman stepped out of the shower to find herself robbed.

Or actually to find that her wardrobe had been

Dresses, frilly dresses, dresses with full skirts, waists made for corsets and busts made for full breasts, were all she could find in her closet. Stockings instead of socks, heels instead of boots, garter belts and hoop skirts, an entire
ensemble. Outfits fit for a true lady and even a duchess.

This really had all the elegance of dressing a chimp in a ball gown. ]

Knave. [It does not just happen that her night shirt be filched too so she be forced to wear a dress out to search for her own clothes. So in a dress made for a Rainsworth (her blood-seal mirror and contracting key woefully exposed between her breasts like the scar rips across her exposed skin) the black sheep daughter of the Nightray attempts to tip toe down the halls in a full skirt supported by a hoop skirt and petticoats. Her suspicion is only bolstered when the chain does not immediately reply to her summons.]

Ah! [Of course if you’re not used to wearing something that adds about two feet to your width all around you’re going to bump into things. Like an end table with a china vase of flowers.

…Flowers that can talk.]

Murder! Murder! She knocked us over! Help! Murder! [It would be morning glories and tulips that scream the loudest.]

[OOC: Action tags preferred please. /o/]

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[Liam is floating down the hallway, the 'victim' of All Fools' Day himself, when he hears the yelling, and he glances around the hallway to see a Gilbert in a dress.

He has a very good idea of who this is, especially given his conversation with Knave when his room was invaded by the Chain.]

... Gilbertine?

Mr. Liam? [She sets the flowers back on the table, and notices the floating.] Ah?

[He glances down, and smiles a bit ruefully.]

Apparently an All Fools' Day joke on me. Rather a better one than it could have been, I suppose. At least I can move around better this way.

I assume that you've had one played on you as well? Lord Barma and Knave mentioned that you normally wear trousers.

[He suspects, of course, given his conversation with Knave several days ago, that Knave is behind this joke.]

[She just sighs.] Yes. [She normally wears trousers, binding, shoes she can easily move in-- she blinks at Liam.] Move around better?

I tried to convince him it was a bad idea, but apparently he didn't listen.

[Context? What is that?

He gestures to his left side.]

I was badly injured before I came here. Baskervilles. Lily Baskerville, specifically. [He makes a bit of a face.] And Bandersnatch.

[She begins to apologize for her chain (and maybe send him by later with a gift basket of baked goods) when he mentions how he was injured. Her eye narrows.]

Was this at Yura's mansion?

[He nods.]

I don't know the outcome of the battle there. They sent me to safety with Eques after I was injured, and I never found out...

[Liam shakes his head, not really wanting to discuss it.

He's going to ruin this for the chain. Because he doesn't appreciate having been woken and terrified in his bed. Privacy, it is appreciated. Happy All Fools' Day, Knave.]

I am a bit taller than you, but my wardrobe is full. I can't exactly wear much of it in my condition. If you would like to temporarily borrow some of my clothing...?

Also, I believe Knave took a few articles. If you could get them back, I would appreciate it.

Of course. I won't trouble you though to borrow your clothes after what I am sure was a very rude encounter. I am hoping to teach him better manners.

It certainly isn't your fault. It was a bit disconcerting to wake to what appeared to be Glen Baskerville in my room, demanding my clothing.

[Well, there goes getting Knave back for insulting his taste in clothing.

Oh, well, if she would prefer the dress... He instead gets to another issue he wanted to address.]

Knave did mention that Pandora might be able to provide me with a weapon? I was hoping to have a derringer for self-defense.

[It's my fault because I have responsibility for him. Albeit now it feels more like having a child than a weapon. Gil frowns at Liam's mention of lacking one.]

Ah. The Mansion usually provides people theirs but has anyone told you about that cavern yet?

[A child who is a budding voyeur.

He murmurs.]

My gun was taken by Lily. She nearly shot Break with it. I never got it back.

Hare has been staying in my room at times and gathers information for me, since I can't get out much. He said there's an underground cavern with Keys. I was hoping to get to it today.

That cavern also contains weapons. It may include your derringer.

[This actually pleases Liam, and he smiles in relief.]

Then I'll only need to find my way down there.

[He's not quite sure what to say to her. She seems as though she's uncomfortable, and if she's not used to wearing clothing like that, he's not surprised.]

I hope you resolve this. It seems... [He glances at the flowers, whose shrieks are getting softer.] ... inconvenient.

It'll be resolved soon enough. [As soon as she finds that stupid chain--] Have you eaten yet Mr. Liam?

I had a bit of tea earlier. I've been meaning to find Xerxes--he said I should have a decent meal at least once a day.

[He smiles at her reassuringly.]

Don't trouble yourself. I'll manage. You seem to have enough to worry about.

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