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It had all started with a single book being throw through a second floor window one morning. No apparent reason for it, the hard cover of the book scratched by the broken glass, pages fluttering after hitting a tree outside, sliding abused to the ground. Soon after an entire bookcase followed, taking part of the wall with it since the window itself hadn't been big enough for it. A chair went out after it not much long after, smashing when it landed.

The room from which they had come wasn't much better as the floor was littered with broken furniture, and pieces that looked like they were once an assortment of instruments. Brass crumpled and ripped apart, bows and their stringed partners smashed and snapped into pieces. Other chairs were embedded into the walls by their legs, stuck in at various angles, or just the legs as the rest of those poor chairs laid scattered in the hall. Half of a table had made it's way into the ceiling, the rest of it keeping it's partners company in a wall.

After a moment the piano that had been innocent sitting in one corner of the room, witness to the destruction of all the other items left to rest there, was shoved out through the door. It took a short trip down the hall before meeting the stairs, noisily falling down as every sound made was like a scream of distress. Once the bottom of the stairs was ment it had turned over, the polished surface banged, scratched, and all over broken. There was a hum, piano wire snapping within it as it's death soon sounded.

That crystal chandelier that had been hanging was the last to go, jerked down as it snapped at the base. Shattering as pieces rolled about, one stopping as it ran into the boot that belonged to the culprit.

He stood quietly amongst his destruction, gloved fingers twitching before stepping over what was once a chello. Leaning over Hatter grasped his hat, dusted it off, and placed it back atop his head with a twist of the brim to set it just right.

(OOC: Guess who is back from a tiny bit of canon updating? Not.. too happy, no, but oh well. Just a little tantrum, feel free to yell about the noise, or the mess, or give him some tea. Prose or action tags, both welcome. /types at 7AM)

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Well, this tells me what floor Liam is on. XD

One of those chairs that had been hurled into the hallway bounced off Liam's door with a rather large bang, waking him immediately. As he puts on his dressing robe and slippers, he hears the piano sound its death. He's never heard one make that noise, but he knows what it must be regardless.

He wisely waits until the noise stops before hesitantly investigating--after all, he was told that he needs to move around a bit.

The destruction down the hall worries him. He peeks in through the door, hanging half off its hinges, and boggles when he sees the extent of it.

Liam doesn't know the person inside, but that hat is awfully familiar.

There's a low growl soon after Liam peeks in through that wrecked door, something much too deep to come from any natural source. He'll also be treated to a close up of that hat before meeting a pair of odd red eyes narrowed at him. There's nothing more than that, the growl dying down as the human's scent strikes the Chain, more or less.

Fingers held tightly to the door frame, looming as he backs and stands straight. The Chain towers at something just under seven feet, some of that height very likely added by that hat of his, fingertips digging into the wood and cracking it further.

Hadn't he seen this human earlier? No. Maybe? Yes. He was in a worse state, but alive.

A twisted smile soon curved Hatter's lips, head tilted as sharp teeth bared a little, "You still stink of that mutt."

XD And now he's going to try not to freak out

Liam immediately backs away as fast as he can, his back hitting the opposite wall of the hallway. He winces at the sound of cracking wood.

He's sidestepping along the wall toward his own room--not that the door would protect him--when the meaning behind the words hits him, and he stares up at the tall creature with wide eyes.

"M-mutt?" Still? Did this creature know him?

Poor Liam XD /pats lightly

"Bandersnatch," the name came out more as a snarl than anything else. That whimpering welp of a Chain deserved to be ripped apart for touching something important to his Xerxes.

Hatter followed, ducking down in a way that made him appear smaller, not letting the man get away that easy. He's nearly nose to nose with Liam again, smile a little wider but showing less teeth.

"Scared? Dear sweet Hare would be upset if I hurt you."

He wants a bath to get the smell off now. XD

"It attacked me..." He smelled like that Chain?

Liam freezes, much like a frightened rabbit, at the proximity of the Hatter. There are still scary teeth and far to close and oh god is he going to be eaten?

The mention of the Hare makes him marginally less frightened, but it still takes him a moment to find his voice--and even then it's weak.

"Who... Who are you?"

Use some strong soap XD

"I know it did."

He crouched down after a moment, meeting eye level instead of the towering he had still been doing, as a few gloved fingertips lightly brushed against Liam's cheek. Perhaps a surprisingly soft touch from something that had moments ago been growling.

A fingertip pressed to tilt the man's chin up a little, "Mad Hatter. Xerxes dear would be even angrier than Hare of I did anything to harm you."

Re: Use some strong soap XD

"But I didn't know I smell like it."

He sounds, even through his fear, like the idea disgusts him.

He just barely flinches when Hatter touches him, but doesn't fight him. And then when he hears that it's Hatter, and the reference to Xerxes, relief washes over him.

No wonder this creature is so terrifying, if it's the Hatter.

Liam meets the creature's eyes, his mind starting to work again through the fear. At least he's not in danger from the Hatter, if it thinks so highly of Xerxes.

"He... You know what happened?"

"Some stenches cling and linger, little Liam," he chuckled, "The more foul of them cling the longest."

Fingertips begain to pick a bit at the man's clothing, as if he were looking him over to see how he was doing. The smell of blood was old, so he had to have been healing for a little while.

.. How long had he been gone from this place?

"I know what dear Xerxes knows, and I'll rip that mutt apart should I encounter it anytime soon."

Liam grimaces. "Baskervilles tend to have that effect."

He winces slightly when the fingers pick at his bad shoulder, but he doesn't move.

"I mean... If you were there... Is Xerxes okay?"

If the Hatter knows of Bandersnatch, then he may know what happened afterward, is Liam's logic.

When his examination is more or less done Hatter stands, pressing a kiss to the top of the young man's head. He's nearly as dear as Xerxes to him, perhaps through being with the man for so long.

He glances to the side, fingers tightening as a fist is formed at his side, "For the moment. He's not alone while injured himself."

But the strain..

The kiss startles him, and he narrowly misses hitting the back of his head against the wall when he jerks back slightly.

Liam winces at that. "I... It's my fault. He's injured because of me."

So Hatter doesn't know either.

"I... I was brought here before I could find out if he was okay."

"Tove got him by surprise, but that creature and it's Contractor don't have to be worried about any longer." It was interesting, really, how his power could destroy a Baskerville like it could a Chain. That would have come in handy when the mansion burned, if he'd had access to his powers at the time.

A gloved finger lightly tapped Liam's nose, smiling again, something more pleasent than earlier, "It's not his time, I won't let go of him that easily." Even if it was his fault for the man's deteriorating health.

"I saw that," Liam murmurs. "Lily almost shot him with my gun."

The tap brings him out of a bit of depressed funk, and he attempts a smile. "I just wish I knew for sure that he's alright."

"Lily ran off with Lottie, after watching Fang turn to dust before their eyes." Excuse that satisfied smile of his, that was one of the last things he remembered. That Chain fading as it's Contractor crumbled.

Elbows rest on his knees with chin rested on a hand, humming lightly, "How are you?"

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"I saw that, too." Liam grimaces. "And Lily looked happy that I was alive, when I yelled..." That particular image is going to creep him out forever.

He sighs softly, tiredly. "Very tired. Slashes still hurt. Barma was caring for me, but a Xerxes from a different world is now. His Liam had similar injuries, so he knows what to do..."

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