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Personal space? What is that?
amanxomefoe wrote in pandoraheartsdr
[You may be off to the sitting room or to your bedroom chamber. Whatever you were about to rush off to, you now realize that you're being followed. And when you come to a standstill, the one following you pops up behind you and stares at you. Then leans in to sniff you.]

Nope. You are not my master. I need to find him. He should be around here somewhere. His presence... I can feel it. He's here. Somewhere within this place.

[ooc- female!Jabberwock lol and yes she's invading your space bubble. Action tags or prose either is fine with me <3]

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Get away from me.

[Talons out. Personal space is to be respected at all times.]

[Well then! She takes a step back and gives a shrug of her shoulders then turns to leave in the other direction.]

Ah, he has to be somewhere around here.

I would advise you to look more respectfully.

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