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[happy] xray specs
booksmacking wrote in pandoraheartsdr
[As common a sight as it may be in this world, it's still odd to see two of the same person walking side by side, as a pair of Leos are currently doing just that. There are slight differences between the two boys, both in dress and physical aspects - one is taller than the other, with a thick collar around his throat and a lithe line to his body that's only exaggerated by the curving cut of his black suit, lace-edged suit.

The other's outfit is much more concealing; too-large clothes with a shirt that needed ironing; suspended slacks, and a scruffy brown coat to cover what outline he had. He isn't even wearing his glasses now.

This Leo's movements are measured with slow, careful steps as he walks with his double, hidden eyes constantly darting throughout the hallway and over his shoulder. Even with the steady dosages of analgesics to suppress the pain in his shoulder and ear and hindering rationale, Leo couldn't help but teeter on the edge of absolute paranoia. At the very least, he is grateful of the company granted by the older Leo, especially since the collared one had helped him back when he'd been bleeding out in the hallway.

The older Leo is distractedly rambling to the other about the latest book he's read, but even this can't keep him from noticing just who's approaching down the hallway - Elliot. Which particular one it is, he can't quite tell as of yet. It doesn't seem to matter much, especially as a rather sinister idea pops into his mind.

Before he can actually think through the point of his actions, he's snagging the Head Hunter by his suspenders and yanking him forward hard enough that their chests smack together. The kiss he forces on the shorter boy's lips is just as hard, demanding and possessive.

Enjoy the show, Elliot.

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[It's a breach. A breach in reality. Because Leo cannot be kissing him right now. His mind, as frayed and drugged as it was, could not accept this. Not even as Leo put his tongue into his mouth. 

But there's something that makes him nearly snap and jump back - even if the hold on his clothes restricts just that. In a startling moment, the fog lifts and the Head Hunter gives a strangled squeal when he grasps a bigger picture of his current situation.


[as startled as his reaction is, the Head Hunter is only granted a low chuckle in response, the sound reverberating against his lips. One of his suspenders is let go so that Leo can run a hand through his hair, something almost comforting in the touch - which doesn't distract much from the continuing roughness of his kissing.]

[Elliot isn't expecting anything like this. He'd just been about to open his mouth to call out to Leo - mostly to ask why there were two of them and what was going on when --

He stares.

And stares.

And stares some more.]

[And Leo shifts his gaze, catching Elliot's out of the corner of one lidded eye, a smirk evident on his lips even as he's openly pushing his tongue into the other boy's mouth]

[And the younger Leo starts blushing, eyes squeezed shut as he presses his hands against the older Leo's chest.

He hasn't noticed Elliot yet.

Have a newly arrived Elliot wandering the halls and trying to figure out where the hell he is currently. He hadn't expected to wake in a mansion after the events of the party and his footsteps stilled when he caught sight of not one but TWO Leos approaching him.

Witness the brief staring and almost jaw dropping as he tries to make sense of this sight and then his breath catches in his throat when one of them turns to kiss the other one. He doesn't even realize he's moving before he's crossed the space to them and is shoving them apart.

' ......What the hell are you doing?"

[This is probably a reaction he should have expected, but Leo remains unaware until Elliot is upon them, gasping in surprise as he's shoved away from the other boy. He stumbles back a few steps, hitting the wall lightly and eventually reaching up to adjusted his crooked glasses.]

Why so rough, Elliot~?

[The other Leo, however, isn't being vocal about the interruption. When they disconnect from each other, Leo takes a few stumbling steps back. He only covers his mouth with a hand as if to bottle his screams while he looks from Elliot to the other Leo with growing horror.]

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I'm Elliot freakin' Nightray and what the shit is this.]

[One of your dreams come true! Or maybe nightmares...?

That certainly isn't stopping them, however. The taller Leo catches Elliot's gaze with a smirk in his eyes, one hand snagging in the other boy's hair to urge him closer.

This better be good, Elliot.

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[He's forced close with a quiet squeak when his hair is tugged - that kind of hurts, dammit!

The reaction is purely an instinctual one - the Head Hunter takes one second of a hesitation before he snaps his jaw to catch the other Leo in a bite.

[Why aren't they stopping. Why aren't they stopping. He knows he's been seen, so why aren't they stopping.]

Wh-what do you think you're doing?! Have you two no shame?! Get a room!

[Even if they aren't quite his servant(s?), this behavior reflects really poorly upon him, you know. :|]



What. The Shit.

Hey, HH. Why the hell does he keep running into you in all these weird situations? WHAT THE SHIT.

See, this is too shocking to even yell just yet. He'll just stare.]

[It's totally the Head Hunter's fault. Amat!Leo is perfectly innocent and pure, of course.

...although, he doesn't really look like it at the moment, beaming at Elliot over the other Leo's shoulder while one hand slides down to rest on the boy's rear

Why, Elliot! What are you doing watching us? Peeping is such a unbecoming habit for a scion of the Nightray family...~

[Oh come now, Amat!Leo - everyone knows he's the innocent one, you sleaze.

In fact, he's so unused to this kind of contact at all that he actually blushes when he feels the hand on his rear. But it quickly gives way to a stark deathly pallor when he notices Elliot just staring.

E-Elliot! .... Go away!

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