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a very merry unbirthday
well then
willoftheabyss wrote in pandoraheartsdr
[Humans have birthdays so why can't she? There is no one saying that she cannot and so she decides right then and there that today is her birthday. She's in the kitchen sitting on top of a counter and reading a cook book. Her legs to dangle from off the edge of the counter. There are mixing bowls filled with ingredients floating this way and that which are being stirred with spoons. Many goodies are out on the tables upon trays. Cookies, candies, and cakes all on display. Tea is also being brewed.]

Oh but if this is my birthday, then I wonder who my guests shall be?

[There's a white stuffed rabbit doll seated beside her and she pats it on the head.]

Lets see who will show up, hm? Perhaps we won't have to celebrate alone. It doesn't matter if there are presents or not, you know? To have others here to share this day with would be a lovely gift within itself.

[[OOC: Well it's Alyss' birthday (UNBIRTHDAY!) and you're invited to join her for some treats. Yes it's one of those awwwesocute posts but it may turn into something else if she's provoked (maybe a food fight? Idk!) Come and join her~ for a bit of fun and madness? I hope this is alright with the mods.]]

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[The implications of that, the idea that there won't be time when he returns to his own world, sap what energy he has.

He winces at her poke, but he nods. His Xerxes isn't here, but his sense of self-preservation convinces him to agree to her request anyway.]

Fine. We'll have tea at some point... You may have to wait until I've healed. I'm not good company now.

[Liam turns to go, but stops just inside the hallway.]

How did you know my name?

I have been here quite a while, Mister Liam. However, I've been an observer more than associating with people. For there is someone here that will not be too happy if we cross paths.

[That someone being Glen Baskerville. She sighs.]

Go rest and take care of yourself, hm? I hope you have a pleasant evening. A-And thank you for indulging me in a little conversation. I do appreciate it greatly.

I only arrived... [Well, he can't give a reliable estimate of how long he's been here, so.] I haven't been here long. But maybe you saw other versions of me.

[Liam can't imagine that there are many people who would be happy crossing paths with the Will of the Abyss, but he holds his tongue.

He personally found the conversation incredibly depressing, but... he nods anyway.]

Enjoy your... baking. [Or whatever she's doing.]

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