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Yeah I have been here before
..what are you doing...?
nightraypride wrote in pandoraheartsdr
[For a moment, Elliot is just slightly confused. Because as he steps through the hallways, he's a little caught up in the feeling that he has known something before but has forgotten, though there are also plenty of things he remember. Such as that this hallway is the very point where he had a painting thrown at him and--

So he has been here before, no doubt about it. And he just comes from another world, and this is one if he remembers correctly and--

...that is just not cool.

He stops, abruptly, and frowns. And then makes a silent groan.]

Not again.

((Herp, have a re-intro! Just say that he's been gone for... a little while. A day or two. He's been brought from kannagara_rpg, I'll put it at the day he had his Leo-centered dream... here, and thus his canon-point has been changed from 51 to 50, herp. Hence a little bit of "I have a feeling I should remember more than I do" thing going on for him.

Prose or action is fine! *Rolls off*))

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[She calls out to him from a doorway, concern evident in her eyes.]

What's wrong?

[Eyes widening just slightly, he turns around, surprised for a moment before he remembers that he has met his sister here already. Or, well, one version. And he knows how these things work anyway, so the surprise passes quickly.]

Vanessa. [Soft sigh.] Nothing, aside from being dropped in here again.

'Dropped in' again?

[She frowns and moves to his side, fists nervously clenching.]

You left this place? How?

[Oh, if he had any idea about any of that, he would share it. Frustrating thing, truly.

But he doesn't, so he just shrugs, tiredly.]

I have no idea. I just came from another world too... It's getting a little ridiculous.

Another world...?

[Sorry, Elliot, your sister is going to fret with your collar a bit now.]

What happened there? Are you all right?

[kjsafd he grabs Vanessa's wrists and frowns at her.]

I'm fine. It wasn't any more dangerous than here.

[Well, there may still be a bit of a bruise left on his shoulder and arm from when he ran off fighting but. Details. They pretty much don't hurt anymore anyway.]

[Oh no you don't, little brother. She's just going to take her hands back thank you very much. Just be glad she didn't slap you for that. Especially since I just made that icon and want to use it.]]

That doesn't answer anything! What happened?

[He takes a long, hard look at this Elliot before speaking to him, doing his best to ignore the sudden pressure in his chest at noticing his lack of collar.

This isn't his Elliot. He shouldn't have hoped in the first place. Still...

Elliot, do you need help?


[Why are you so tall?]

Help? Like with what?

Edited at 2011-03-30 08:43 pm (UTC)

You look lost.

[he's not that much taller, but he'd appreciate the thought if he knew it]

[Tall enough to notice the difference. Which is annoying.]

Well, I'm not.

[Just a little disoriented from being tossed around to different worlds and all hurhur.]

Tell me where we are, then.

A mansion who the hell knows where that we can't escape from.

Edited at 2011-04-01 07:49 am (UTC)

[Look out, Elliot. You've been spotted by someone very happy to see you.]


[Aw man. One annoying idiot to the next, huh?]

Hey, Shorty.

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