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Coming out of the woodwork
lurking Liam
nvrasitseems wrote in pandoraheartsdr
 There is a Liam marching along through the mansion's corridors this morning, all intense and purposeful and proper in his Pandora uniform (helpfully provided by the mansion since he arrived in civilian clothes).

A familiar sight to many, but you may not have noticed this particular Liam before. He's been around for a week or so already, and he's seen many of you, because this one has perfected the Liam-esque art of hiding in plain sight. 

He's not really making the effort to stay out of sight this morning, though. He's on his way to that room down below the mansion where, he's heard, there is a cache of weapons and possibly a way to regain his contract with March Hare. If he's really stuck in this ridiculous place indefinitely, with Baskervilles and who knows what else running around on the loose, he intends to get either his gun or his Chain back. Preferably both. 

He assumes the cellar is being watched, though, so there's no point sneaking around about it. 

(ooc: overdue intro for AU( Evil!)Liam! Don't worry, he's on his best, most innocent behavior at the moment, and ready to be confused and flustered whether you meet him in the cellar on the way there.  And I am brand new at this and likely to be slow, so please be gentle with me! *blush*)


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[This Liam woke alone, March Hare and Barma absent, and starving. He's tried to wait it out, but now he's carefully making his way down the hall to the nearby kitchen for something to eat.

When he sees you skulking down it toward him, he stops dead and stares.]

Ah... Hello.

[This Liam does the same, stops dead and stares. The sight of the sling and bandages makes him wince. He thought he was prepared to meet a double of himself, but he never expected to face one of the worst memories of his entire life.]

Damn this place and whoever runs it! [Muttered as he starts toward the other Liam. How dare it bring him here right after that happened!

Have you ever wondered what your darkest scowl looks like to other people, injured Liam? You're seeing it now. ]

How long has it been?

[Liam sighs.]

I agree wholeheartedly.

[Of course, he's a little too drugged to make the connection that if this Liam knows what happened he knows what happened to Break.

He winces slightly at the force of that scowl.]

I-I don't really know. I haven't been awake enough to pay attention to the passing of days. A week, maybe?

A week...[He looks the other Liam over carefully, noting all the evidence of the same injuries he remembers. How ironic that they are the same, when so many of the alternates here are so different from each other.]

That sounds about right, not that I remember much of the first couple of weeks, either. At least you're up and about; that's good.

[The scowl turns into a grim smile.]

Naturally, this place didn't see fit to bring any of Pandora's medical staff with you, did it. They were at least marginally helpful.

[Here, have a look of realization.]

Then... You know what happened afterward? I was brought here before I could find out if Break is okay. Or anything about the party, really.

[His double's tone surprises him. There's something... odd about it. But he's talking to himself, so that could be why it's odd.]

Unfortunately, no. But Lord Barma--I'm not sure if he's the one from my world--has been caring for me. Bringing me food, helping change the bandages... So I'm not having to deal with my injuries alone.

[*eyebrow raise*]

I can tell you that my Xerxes recovered well enough. Where you there long enough to see him kill the Baskerville he was fighting? Or... Ah, I don't suppose he actually managed to kill that girl in your world, did he?

[What, you think it's odd to speak of the Baskervilles with a sneer? On this Liam's side, he's waiting for his double to drop the mild-mannered act. Is that for real?]

Lord Barma has, hm? [Oh dear, that tone of respect -- it is for real, isn't it?. tsk.] Well, that's something, I guess.

You look as though you could use a hand at the moment, though. Where were you going?

[It's a different world, clearly. He's not sure he likes the aggressive manner of this Liam.]

I saw him kill one of them, yes. He killed Lily in yours? [He's not quite sure how he feels about that, still shaken by the whole event.] In mine, she escaped. With my gun, unfortunately. She nearly shot Xerxes with it.

Sharon sent me to safety with Eques. But I never did find out the outcome of the entire battle.

[He understands the sneer regarding the Baskervilles, but the rest bothers him. The other Liam's seeming disrespect toward Lord Barma, though...]

Did... something happen in your world between you and Lord Barma? He has always treated me well.

I was on my way to the kitchen.

[It certainly is different! This Liam does not know whether to laugh or shudder with horror when he realizes the role he's always played is the reality in another world. *Sigh.* I am so disappoint, not!evil Other Self.]

No, all of that happened the same way in my world. Fang took the sword thrust that was meant for Lily, and the rest of the Baskervilles escaped.

Ah, no, not at all! [Handwave, handwave, smile!] Forgive me if I sounded rude, this place has put me on edge. I have great respect for Master Rufus; in fact he is probably better suited to look after you than I would be. I was not a good patient, I'm afraid.

But I can at least help you get to the kitchen, or bring you something if you prefer.

[Liam is a bit troubled over his counterpart's demeanor, but under similar circumstances he might act similarly.]

That's what I recall happening. Beyond that, I have no idea. Most of the rest is being sent to Lady Ada, my wounds being treated, and telling Rufus-sama the information I had gathered.

[Not a good patient? Well... Liam supposes he's not, either. After all, he did defy orders before he was brought here. He manages a bit of an uncertain smile.]

I'm afraid I'm the same. I defied orders to check on Xerxes, and I likely would have continued in that vein if I hadn't been brought here.

That would be appreciated, if you're not busy. You look rather like you are.

I never did get all of the details completely clear, but I can give you a basic idea of what happened in my world on the way to the kitchen.

[He offers his arm to help his double along, if he wants it.]

I don't know about you, but I couldn't stand not being allowed to do anything for nearly a month! At one point, Xerxes caught me up and about in the middle of the night, and scolded me back to bed, as if our old roles were reversed. [and then other things happened when they did get back to Liam's bedroom, but he's not about to mention that.]

Have you heard about a room where contractors can reconnect with their Chains? I was on my way there. I'd like to get March Hare back, if I can.

[Liam frowns just slightly at that. His counterpart appears to be mostly healed, and under the circumstances he knew he would find out everything. Is this Liam really so remiss? Have some return disappointment.

But he takes the offered arm.]

I feel much the same way. If Lord Barma catches me up and about, he'll be rather cross. [He smiles faintly at the thought of Xerxes scolding him.] Not that he usually obeys our scolding anyway.

[Liam nods.]

March Hare--a human version of him, anyway--mentioned them. Something about an underground cavern, with keys. The keys apparently reestablish the contract.

I intend to make my way down there myself, as soon as I am able. It's difficult not having a way to defend myself.

It's rather interesting, isn't it, to see which things are the same in other worlds and which are different. It seems there is always a Xerxes Break making a Liam Lunettes worry, even if the circumstances are not the same.

[Strolling along toward the kitchen now, letting the injured version of himself set the pace. He still flinches a little at every sign of discomfort, the experience still being very fresh in his mind.]

Oh? I haven't met our Chain here, yet. I know where the room is, though. Pandora, such as it is here, held a meeting there a little while ago. The keys themselves were not in evidence at the time, but I've heard that they mysteriously reappeared again.

[He gives his other self a rather appraising look.]

You arrived here unarmed, too, of course. I don't suppose you fight any better than I could? [Said with a sheepish grin; he's certainly not criticizing if that's the case.]

I made it a point to learn a few more useful techniques after that incident. When you're better, perhaps I could show you. At least enough to survive and escape from a real fight.

[He's reminded a bit that he doesn't know whether his Xerxes survived... And his double's demeanor has him suspecting that their worlds are at least somewhat different.]

Yes. I think he takes pride in that, sometimes.

[It's a bit of a slow pace; these injuries are quite fresh, after all. But he's been to the kitchen before, and he makes it without too much difficulty. Of course, now that he's gotten here he has to figure out how he's going to make something.]

Pandora had a meeting...? Perhaps later you'll let me know about it.

I didn't have my gun with me when I was brought here, no. Is your fighting generally limited to defense and the use of a gun, then?

[Right. Older. Wiser. Someone he can learn from, anyway.]

That would be appreciated.

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