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Intro: Oh, dear. Injured Liam. Bad mansion!
easilyflustered wrote in pandoraheartsdr
Liam is confused to find himself in an unfamiliar library.

He had only just left his room in search of information on the outcome of the battle at Yura's party. Well, really, he went in search of information about Xerxes. And there was a bag of emotional worms, what with Break having nearly killed himself to avenge Liam and then admitting he cared, making their relationship even more confusing than it already was.

After waking up, he took a few of the painkillers the doctors had left by his bed. Because he has not had a need to take strong painkillers, they're hitting him rather hard. He defied the order to stay in bed--Rufus-sama was going to be rather angry at him about that--to find someone to ask for information.

It's not like he opened a door to a library. The door he opened, which should have led to the hallway, is gone and he's standing in between bookshelves.

He frowns, wondering if he's having some sort of hallucinatory reaction to the pills.

In fact, he's rather convinced that's the case. In his mind, there are only two alternatives: that he was somehow pulled into the Abyss, or he died from his injuries after all and is stuck in some strange afterlife, and those options are far less acceptable than drug-induced hallucinations.

Since he has no idea where he is and thus cannot get back to his room, he's looking with some interest at the strange collection of books.

He hears a noise and glances around.


(For anyone who happens upon him, have a post-Yura pseudo-canon Liam. He's wearing his dressing robe over a pair of pajama pants--he woke without a shirt and the effort of putting one on was clearly too much--and slippers. His arm is in a sling, and so the left arm of his robe is empty, the arm just tucked inside. He's sporting bandages on his forehead and a bandage over a cut on the left side of his face, and he's wearing undamaged spare glasses. His earrings are missing, something he has yet to notice, likely taken off by the doctors. If he walks, you'll notice he limps, something that may or may not go away as he heals.

Good luck convincing him that this isn't a hallucination.)

[ooc - I'm a little rusty with RP, but tags or prose is fine. It might take time for me to tag back sometimes (why, three jobs, why?). For details about this particular Liam, check his journal.

Also, I'm doing this ill-advised. A certain mun is going to give me terrible glares for ages because of this. Sorry. Brain went on strike.]

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*staaaaring. Have a Break down at the other end of the shelf, a couple books clutched in one floppy white sleeve, and -- huh. It seems distinctly as though he's looking at you, rather than just in your general direction. Why, how odd.*

---What in the world happened to you? *frowning deeply* Should you even be walking around in a state like that?

[A little relieved] Xerxes? You're alright, then.

[Liam is far too out of it to notice that his eye has focused and the implications of that, and too taken aback by the questions

He blinks at Break uncertainly, not sure if this is some sort of incredibly unfunny game.]

You were there and nearly got yourself killed because of it. [irritably] I was looking for you.

Excuse me? *pout* I haven't gotten myself nearly killed in months, thank you very much--

Ahh, wait. Are you new? *glancing the other up and down again. It probably isn't just the painkillers making it sound like he knows what state Liam's in merely by looking his way.*

... What? [snaps] You nearly got yourself killed right in front of me a few hours ago, Xerxes Break!

[eyes him uncertainly at that question

He's starting to think that this is a complete hallucination. Break has been blind for months.]

Am I... what?

New. *scratching his head a bit, then turning to lay the books on a random shelf before he reaches for Liam's (uninjured) arm, intending to drag the other man over to a seat* Did you come in here intending to use the library, or because you have no clue where you are? If it's the latter, then you're new.

(Look what's out and wandering about, absolutely thrilled that her Contractor is safe-- even if this Liam isn't hers.

So March Hare floats towards him, chirruping delightedly.)

[Liam startles, swaying slightly and steadying himself on the bookcase. Stares at the Hare uncertainly.

For the first time he's realized that he can't feel the Hare in his head.]


(Hare goes behind him, using her long ears to steady him by his shoulders.)

Master Liam, you should be resting.

[Liam winces at the pressure on his left shoulder, but relaxes into her softness anyway. It's... comforting. He's confused at the Hare manifesting when he didn't call her.]

I need to find Xerxes first. I don't... I don't know if he's alright.


Rufus has, in deed, been having minor conniptions. There are only rumours circling around the mansion about what happened.

He needs information.

"Where are your clothes? Are you quite all right? Come here this instant."

Oh dear. Caught.

Liam winces, but obeys. He can't quite hide the limp, or his exhaustion.

"Rufus-sama..." He forces himself to focus on answering his master's questions. "I could not dress with my injuries, but I needed to know..."

He hesitates, before asking. "What... What was the outcome of Yura's party? Is everyone alright?"

He doesn't quite dare ask about Xerxes specifically.

"Quite honestly, I have no idea whatsoever."

He hurries to him all the same.

"I just heard you were hurt."

The answer is not relieving at all. If Barma doesn't know... Is it not over yet?

"Sharon-sama used Eques to transport me away, after." His lips twist slightly at the too-fresh memory. "The Baskervilles were there, searching for the Sealing Stone. I had the misfortune to run into one."

He takes a deep breath before admitting, "I had to use my chain."

"Well, that would explain the reports of your death."

He lets out a breath.

"Come with me, I'll put tea on, you can tell me the entire story."

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