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the Will requests your presence! again.
Yep, the atmosphere in the city is definitely strange lately. People are acting very much unlike themselves, and the air is heavy.

Things are certainly about to change.

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the will requests your presence!
Things are a little eerie lately in the city...maybe because the evenings are growing longer and the days colder?

In any case, there are definitely strange things happening these days.

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No flying south
There was amusement as he watched his breath mist in the cold air, even chuckling as it was probably an odd sight to any passerby. Dressed as he always was without care for the cold weather, only the leather vest and pants there to cover him. It wasn't often that Jabberwock left the mansion grounds, and when he did it was towards the forests for hunting.

Today he had been feeling adventurous, having watched many of the townfolk from the rooftops. A closer look had been called for, but then snow had started to fall and distracted him. It looked different when there was more than just trees and other plants for it to land upon. How it turned dirty and slushed mush from all of the foot and carriage traffic.

Who says old Chains can't act like big kids?

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(no subject)
★ excuse you?
The peace of the wintry morning is suddenly broken as something - or rather, someone - materializes a few feet above the ground and lands in an undignified heap in the middle of the city square.

Kevin gets his mouth full snow and a quickly forming bump on the forehead in addition to the nasty shock caused by suddenly being transported outside with no warning whatsoever, falling a few feet and landing on his face. He quickly sits up, one hand rubbing at the bruise on his forehead and the other wrapping around him in a futile attempt to keep himself warm. He's only wearing a simple outfit consisting of trousers, a shirt and a vest to go with them: there's no trace of a jacket of any sort. He obviously wasn't given any time to prepare before he was snatched from wherever he was before.

Not that he seems to really notice the cold, though: he's busy just sitting there, staring at everything and everyone as if they're the ones who just fell from the sky.

[ooc: And so I demonstrate why it is not a good idea to give a rabid Break fangirl the cover of Retrace LIV, Through the Looking-Glass and too much free time. I mean, ahem, hi again! Long story short, this is Kevin Regnard, age 15. All kinds of TL;DR-y info in his journal for those curious!
Things you should probably know: he should be easily recognisable as mini-Break, he's just shorter, has both eyes (the left just tends to get covered by his hair a lot more than the right. don't mind the icons, they're derp) and looks more sour. He also has a sword at his side and won't hesitate to draw it if you appear hostile. Oh and pretty much everything about him is based on my headcanon (obviously), so you're not obligated to go along with anything I say or do unless you want to.
Eeehhhk I am so nervous about his now--

[ Good evening Mansion inhabitants.

Everything may have been quiet in the hallways tonight and you were all participating in some form of holiday-type activity but all at once, don't be surprised if you happen to be near this particular hallway and hear the loud thump of something - or someone - hitting the floor abruptly which is followed by a few seconds of silence and quite the familiar voice. ]



[ If one cares to find the owner of the voice, they'll find Elliot attempting to pull himself off of the floor, his sword in one hand - using it somewhat to help him stand - and a strange blindfold covering his eyes.

Suddenly being transported to a new, strange place totally did not result in him walking into a wall on his arrival. Nope. Though that may be the source of his anger, muttering under his breath in annoyance... ]

Changing rooms on me... told him to stop pulling that shit...

[ooc: /waves/ Mika here. I brought you that one crazy Oz and now, Elliot. All info you need is on his journal here but the tl;dr-less version is he's essentially blind so have fun~ ]

break:69343745   gilbert:0
[ You know the ballroom in the Mansion that just a few days ago hosted that absolutely gorgeous ball? ]

[ Well, the decorations are still there, but most of the tables have been carried away and there is now a huge Christmas tree in the middle of the room. Under it, there are what seems to be hundreds of presents. ]

[ Have a present to give someone? Leave it here: the recipient is bound to come by. Feel like checking it out even if you don't? By all means, you just might find something for yourself. Have no reason in particular to be here? You might find yourself by the tree anyway. ]

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Let every bell ring the story of hope and joy and peace
Oh you.
Tonight, one of the Liams is headed off to church.

It's a strange holiday season, for him. At home, he and Xerxes always head to Canada to visit with Liam's huge and happy family at Christmas, and this is the first time in his entire life that Liam hasn't gone back to them to celebrate. It's sort of nice to have a relatively quiet time alone with his partner and he's making the best of it, but he also can't deny that he's especially homesick just now, and one of the only traditions he can really keep is his yearly visit to church.

Obviously there aren't any Catholic churches in a city that celebrates Yuletide, but then Liam isn't a by-the-book Catholic at all, so shopping around for a new place to go hasn't bothered him a bit. The church he's found is non-denominational, in fact, and he likes the priest there -- a gentle and kind man, the sort who actually practices the goodness he speaks about. And Liam, dressed in his finest, is very much looking forward to hearing his thoughts tonight. Christmas is his favorite time of the year, and with all that's happened in the past few months, he could use a bit of healthy reassurance.

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Merry Yule!
The largest ballroom on the first floor of the mansion has transformed over the course of the day. Anyone who might have walked past it this morning wouldn't recognize it this evening. Bright green wreathes and garlands cover the doorways and there are new, ornate candelabras and hanging from the ceiling. The heavy crimson curtains have been parted and tied back to display the large windows behind them, a fresh, snowy landscape beyond.

The fires are burning in the fireplaces and music is sounding from a nine piece orchestra near the dance floor. There's a large refreshment table that spans most of the length of the room, as well as several dining tables set up with room near the piano. An elegant feast in celebration of the winter season, the end of the year and the welcoming of longer, warmer days. A grand tree sits near one corner of the room with bright red and white glass ornaments and wrapped gifts underneath, each one bearing the names of the members of the mansion.

The Will has duplicated last year's celebration, but has also allowed the members of the city inside of the mansion this time, inviting them along through word of mouth and her own magical trickery. Mingle, be merry, and enjoy the festivities.

And if you're not planning on going? The Will has replaced all of your clothes with nice, formal ones for the occasion. You might as well show up.

[ooc - Merry Yule, everyone! And thank you for another beautiful year.]

(no subject)
what made you so warped?
Break seems to be in the habit of appearing in places where it's most inconvenient for other people. Nothing new about that, of course, but what makes it odd is how involuntary it's been on his part lately.

Right now, he's standing at the very front door of the mansion, facing in and poking at the ceiling right above him with his trusty cane. Except it's not the ceiling he's poking at: it's a plant. More specifically, mistletoe. Not that the attempts to squish the vile thing seem to be doing anything: it always springs back up, healthy as ever. There also seem to be faint scratch marks around the plant, and Break's left glove appears burned. Apparently trying to crush the plant is his last resort when cutting or tearing it down didn't work.

It might be in your best interests to free him, though - it's a cold day out, and snowing. And because the door is open, the hallway gets its fair share of that. In fact, Break already looks like he's turning into a living snowman.

It's a Wonderful Life
Alyss moves dreamily through the gardens behind the mansion, her step so light that it leaves no prints on the pristine, white blanket that covered the world. She doesn't feel the cold. But, surrounded by the paleness of snow, she feels as if she's being swallowed. As tenuous as her grasp on herself sometimes is, all on it's own, it isn't a welcome feeling.

Suddenly, and for the first time since she has arrived in this place, the Will of the Abyss misses her home. Even if the Abyss had imprisoned her, it had never made her feel small and lost, this way. She was its Will, the speck of ghostly brightness in its heart. People used to kill, to see her, to beg her to change the world, erase their regrets. They wanted her to make them happy...

She wonders, suddenly... She wonders if it ever really did...

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