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Merry Yule!
willofthemanor wrote in pandoraheartsdr
The largest ballroom on the first floor of the mansion has transformed over the course of the day. Anyone who might have walked past it this morning wouldn't recognize it this evening. Bright green wreathes and garlands cover the doorways and there are new, ornate candelabras and hanging from the ceiling. The heavy crimson curtains have been parted and tied back to display the large windows behind them, a fresh, snowy landscape beyond.

The fires are burning in the fireplaces and music is sounding from a nine piece orchestra near the dance floor. There's a large refreshment table that spans most of the length of the room, as well as several dining tables set up with room near the piano. An elegant feast in celebration of the winter season, the end of the year and the welcoming of longer, warmer days. A grand tree sits near one corner of the room with bright red and white glass ornaments and wrapped gifts underneath, each one bearing the names of the members of the mansion.

The Will has duplicated last year's celebration, but has also allowed the members of the city inside of the mansion this time, inviting them along through word of mouth and her own magical trickery. Mingle, be merry, and enjoy the festivities.

And if you're not planning on going? The Will has replaced all of your clothes with nice, formal ones for the occasion. You might as well show up.

[ooc - Merry Yule, everyone! And thank you for another beautiful year.]

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Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the mansion, a Kevin sits curled in a windowsill and thinks of home., really, he chose this window because it is as far away from that party as he can get without going outside. Disturb his solitude?

[Lacie has grown tired of dancing and so makes her way down the hall, no shoes of course. She sees Kevin and...just sits down to lean against him, sighing deeply.]

[Personal space lolwut.]

...excuse you?

You owe me. [She tells him firmly. And her hands are cold, and going into his coat. Yep.]

[Congratulations, Lacie. If this were an anime, Kevin's ponytail would be angrily defying gravity in protest.]

-- what are you even! You -- thank you for helping me, but you -- !

[Oh holy heavens she is touching him whyyyyyyyyyy]

[She will be wrapping herself in that fabulous cloak now, thank you very much.]

If it weren't for me, you be dead!

[But it's still attached to him. ]

I would not! It takes longer than that to die of dehydration, and someone else would have come along before then!

[Secretly, he sort of likes that she can ignore propriety so freely. But he likes it better when she ignores propriety outside the boundaries of his personal space.]

please forgive any shakiness and the lack of icons

[Disturbing solitude is what little girls do best. ♥ Don't mind the small girl running up to you, poofy skirts halfway pulled up to reveal one sad stockinged foot.]

Kevin, I lost one of my shoes! Can you help me find it?


[It's been almost two months since Kevin arrived in this horrible place and he hasn't seen a single person he knew here except for occasional glimpses of himself. So although he's looked -- and looked and looked and looked -- he's really all but given up hope of ever running across the girl he's been missing more than he ever thought possible.

Go figure she'd end up finding him instead.

For a moment the knight just stares at her, shocked at her voice and her curls and her poofy little skirts, and he knows she can't be his Emily because his own hasn't been the slightest bit concerned with things as paltry as shoes since the massacre. But he sinks down onto his knees beside her anyway and pulls her into his arms, something he never would have dared to do before coming here.]

Yes. Yes, we can -- we'll find your shoe.

Liam had no intention of staying at that party, and has been looking for a way to get out so he can go home and be away from people. Mansion not only brought him, but dressed him up, managing to find the outfit he wore to the wedding.

To that end, he's so relieved when he sees Kevin that he mistakes him for a different Kevin--one with only one eye. And he likes the idea of being as far away from the festivities as possible right now.

He approaches quietly and sits on the floor next to the window.

"It made you attend, too?"

Kevin has been recognized and acknowledged by enough complete strangers since he's been here that he's able to just assume that the same thing is happening now. He does bristle a little, however. He had no intention of socializing tonight.

"It won't let me leave," he acknowledges, peering down at this new person. Then he adds, "You look like the chatty kid."

Hopefully the chattiness is something he grows out of, because Kevin really isn't up for that at the moment.

When this Kevin peers at him, Liam realizes his mistake and scoots away a little.

"I, ah... I apologize. I thought you were a different Kevin."

He blinks at the description, and nods slightly. He's not exactly in a chatty mood tonight, but his younger self is quite the chatterbox.

"That is the child version of me," he admits softly.

"I figured."

He shifts a little restlessly, adjusting the cloak he's wrapped up in. Giving Liam a faintly suspicious look, he says -- redundantly -- "He talks a lot."

"He's been... encouraged, since he arrived here."

Liam settles back against the wall, not particularly wanting to try to find a different place to hole up away from the party.

It's the only explanation he bothers offering. He's just relieved to be away from the masses of people.

Kevin is quite of the opinion that he could be encouraged to learn when it would be better to quiet down and slash or go away, but if this big Liam isn't going to chatter at him, Kevin will keep quiet, too. Perhaps by this age he'll have learned to get hints.

The next sound to come from him is a quiet rustle as he draws his cloak a little closer around himself, and then the room is silent again as the knight returns to staring out the window. It's not like he can see much -- it's light in the room and dark outside, after all -- but the moon is nice to look at.

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