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a little mission
easilyflustered wrote in pandoraheartsdr
Liam has read so much that his mind is rebelling against reading anything more. So he's decided to finally act on an idea he's had ever since talking to the little one-eyed Vincent.

Thus, he is searching a storage room, and clearly has been for some time. There are several things set to one side, including a framed picture of an elephant, a sihouette of an elephant, a few elephant statues in wood, metal, and stone, an elephant pendant on a chain, an elephant clock, and, at the top of the small pile, a stuffed elephant and an elephant pillow.

There are a few other interesting things set aside in a separate pile, but the larger pile is all elephants.

Of course, a side effect is that it looks a lot like the storage room has exploded into the hallway, but it's an ordered mess.

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When he finally emerges, someone will be peeking at him from around a corner, impossibly wide-eyed.

Liam blinks at him, then smiles.

"Hello, Vincent. How are you feeling?"

"Fine, thank you."

He answers, barely a murmur.

"What are you looking for?"

"I was on a bit of a treasure hunt, actually. I remembered that you like elephants, so I searched and found all this."

He gestures to the pile.

"There are so many."

Astonished, looking up at him.

"It was a bit like a treasure hunt."

He admits this with another smile.

"I thought you might like something to make your room your own, your private safe space."

"Can I take them? It isn't stealing?"

He remembers what the Will said.

He shakes his head.

"It's not like stealing at all. The Mansion puts things here for us to find and use, if we want. I found these for you, and you can definitely take them."

"I'll carry them to my room."

He allows, in a tiny voice, bending down to pick as many up as he can carry.

"I can help, and hang the picture and silhouette for you, if you'd like."

This is offered gently.

"Yes please!"

Almost excited, actually.

"Of course."

He's pleased that the child is excited, and moves to pick up what Vincent can't carry.

What? [Gil blinks at the mess but she begins to maneuver her way around it far more gracefully than she ever is on a dancefloor, or just walking for that matter. She's obviously in a hurry given it's not like a Gil to ignore a mess but--]

Liam! [And WHAM down goes the elephant stack. She scrambles up however.] Elephants? [She blinks and shrugs however before addressing him.]

Have you seen Gilbert-?! The one who is my age? The one that gets into fights with the funny talking Break a lot?

"They're for the young Vincent, the one who lost an eye. He likes elephants."

Liam blinks at her as he reorganizes the stack. Fights with that Break? Does everyone fight with him?

"The Gilbert who turned into a frog a while back? Not recently. Is he missing?"

"Yes." She slumps a little. Usually she be more interested to hear how anyone has been making progress with Vincent, but ever since waking up in an empty bed, she's far too distracted.

"You see I see him every morning, for breakfast." Great cover story, right? "But he didn't come today. He always does unless something's happened--"

He's seen them together--and saw their dance at the wedding. Her cover story is not convincing, but he does understand her worry. He gets a box to pile the items he's found in, to easily carry them.

"Let me put these in my room before they disappear, and then we can look. Does he do anything in the mornings?"

"At night we do two separate patrols, and usually I take the earlier, he the later. Breakfast is the rendezvous. If he was hurt," she swallows. "He could be anywhere really. I already checked around the lake and the gardens however, I just started the house."

He considers that. That's quite a bit of ground to cover.

"Have you told anyone else? He's recontracted Raven, right? One of the versions of Raven should be able to find him through that. Or... Knave is one of your contracts, right? Is he looking as well?"

"Knave is looking, I haven't found Raven yet," She pauses to rub her face with the heels of her hands. "I know it's possible he's been sent home I just, just want to make sure."

Because the last time he went missing he was found in pieces in a music room.

Liam doesn't have that context, and would be glad not to, but he nods.

"Understandable, with the unrest here. If he was sent home, I wonder if he'll be brought back..."

Gilbertine doesn't answer that question. She knows she should be thankful if he has been sent home, and she does hope he would stay there. Even if it's likely his timeline will reflect her own it's still better than this place where he is just a puppet on a string. Despite that however...she knows she'll miss him, and it will hurt.

"Knave said he couldn't find his shadow's one of those two." She says grimly; home or death.

"At least death isn't permanent here," he murmurs softly.

He lifts the box of elephants.

"My new room is down the hall a bit. I can start searching up here, if you want to find others to aid?"

Gilbertine also doesn't share her opinion that just because the death is not permanent, does not mean it isn't horrible.

"Thank you."

He doesn't dispute that it's horrible, but horrible and permanent would be that much worse.

"Of course. Talk to Barma; he may send Dodo to search the grounds."

"Ah, yes." Gil pushes the hair out of her face. She's afraid to ask that man for favors but for Gilbert...she exhales.

"I'm sorry I'm just a little..." Afraid. Stressed. Worried. "Tired. Knave is my Chain after all."

And using him does exhaust her and make her even more scatter brained than she already be in this situation.

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