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No idea
standstilltime wrote in pandoraheartsdr
There is a Hatter flopped on a couch somewhere about the front of the mansion.

Said flopped hatter has his upper half burried under a cushion, hat sitting ontop of it as to not crush the fetchin accesory. Why on earch he's half under the cushion would be hard to say, but due to his height his lower half is hanging over an arm of said couch-- which also might make some question how his upper half is somewhat hidden in the couch.

From how he's not moving the Chain might be asleep, or dead. It's really hard to tell from any sort of distance.

A Mad Hatter in the couch might not be the first thing noticed, either way, but instead the odd mess of vividly colorful feathers strewn about all over the floor around him. Perhaps the beads of all sizes mixed amongst those feathers-- we also cannot forget about the marble either.

Probably best not to ask what the one in the couch had been getting up to--

or do! Just don't mess with the hat there.

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Liam happens upon the Chain and blinks at the mess of color and texture on the floor.

"A new project?"

His hair is still leaking glitter.

Hatter peered out from under the couch cushiin, it lifted enough so that thoe odd swirled eyes of red could be seen glowing.

"Perhaps. It looks more lively now."

Of course he was speaking of the floor.

"I suppose. What do you intend to do with them?"

He leans down to peer at a peculiar looking bead, and ends up sprinkling a bit of glitter on the mess.

Sorry Liam, but your question is being ignored by the Hatter soon invading personal space. Long gloved fingers curl on either side of the man's head, staring at the sparklies of his hair, ruffling fingers through it and making an odd gleeful little sound at the glitter that flies up into the hair.

"You're sparkly!"

Liam takes a startled step back, then grimaces as glitter falls on his face.

"Yes. I can't seem to get it out, entirely."

This Chain is having the best time of ruffling hair up and shaking glitter loose. Sparkly, sparkly~

"Sticks to everything, stick to anything, annoying when it's spilled onto something not wanted."

Liam tries to take another step back to get out of the Chain's reach, though he's sure it's a futile gesture.

"I've noticed. It's quite annoying."

"I throw a handful into paint when I need a piece to sparkle, then it takes weeks to come off my hand."

Hatter is following for every step taken back with one of his own, lifting Liam's head up as a hand soon moves under his chin to lift his head, "Did you dunk your head into a thing of glitter or have it thrown on you?"

Liam gives up on moving away, resigning himself to the Chain's curiosity.

"Thrown at me, twice. I irritated a Chain."

He hummed, "What happens, happens."

Still amusing himself with the glittery hair before he finally lets go of Liam's head, "No one told you a Chain lived in Break dear's bathroom." Yep, he knew about the frog thing.

He's rather resigned to that being the case as well, with even his dreams out of his control.

"No. Otherwise I would have put them elsewhere."

Perhaps in his bed.


Sitting back on the couch as his legs cross, picking up his hat as it's dusted off before being placed back atop his head.

Liam runs a had through his hair to smooth it. He'd rather not discuss the state of his hair right now, so he changes the subject.

"What project are you intending to use these for?"

He is still staring at the glittered sparkly hair, and he really cannot help it. His head even even tiltin from one side to the other, even tiltin up and down, to see how it looks from seeing the light hit it in different ways.

"I don't know."

Liam finds the glitter quite irritating, in no small part because it makes people stare a bit. He quite prefers not to be noticed.

"Ah. Just collecting them for now, then?"

It's too bad for Liam that Hatter tends to notice almost every little detail without ever meaning to. He's quite enjoying his little game of seein the glitter sparkle in different ways.

"Just for now."

He nods.

"If I see anything interesting, I'll bring it by."

"It's a pity I can't leave it all out here," head tilt, "Makes it all the more colorful, you know."

"Mmm. The Mansion might clean it up, or others would. Perhaps you can share it with the lady Hatter and come up with a project together?"

Hatter flopped onto the couch, catching his hat before it tumbled off to the floor, "I think that's why I collected all of this in the first place.."

He sometimes did forget why he started doing something part way through.

"It's a good reason. She would likely enjoy that."

He shrugs.

"And if you're both stuck, I'm sure Xerxes would have ideas."

"Helping her slowly get her room almost as decorated as mine."

All of those things to just look at and touch. Fun in it's own way alone.

Liam smiles slightly at that.

"Minus the eating utensil stuck in the door, I'm guessing?"

"You never know," that was a sharp toothed smile, "we may change up to her room whenever I tell her of the rusted knight."

Poor Albus if he isn't joking.

Okay, that's creepy, and Liam can't quite help the face he makes at it.

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