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A Fresh Start
easilyflustered wrote in pandoraheartsdr
Liam has stayed in the room that he was put in when he first arrived at the Mansion without even considering moving until his conversation with Hare following recent events. Shelly's recommendation has him moving to a room across from hers, a room of his choosing.

A fresh start may be what he needs.

He's spent much of the day, during which most Mansion denizens were at the beach, moving the books and other items he's accumulated, as well as a stock of clothes to last him until the Mansion realizes he's moved.

One last thing he does in that hallway is let himself into almost_knightly's room using the key he was given. He leaves a stack of King Arthur books, along with a cookbook for French pastries, on one of the few clear surfaces of the room, and then locks the door behind him, shoving the key underneath as he leaves.

He takes a few last things from his room before hanging the two keys he has on the inside door handle, and leaving it ajar.

Then he heads to his new room.

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Liam has a bundle of cloth under one arm and while she's dressed as a man today she didn't bind so it's quite clear which 'version' she is at a glance. When she sees him in the hallway she frowns and her chin goes up. She certainly remembers him.

Her voice is so very neutral it edges into coldness. "Mr Lunettes."

He nods politely. He notices the coldness, but doesn't think much of it. He's still not sure how to address her, even if she's not binding today.

"Good afternoon. I'm surprised you aren't at the beach."

"It's the other Liam's turn to life-guard." she shifts the cloth under her arm so it isn't so close to slipping. "And I have curtains to make."

Her tone is more terse than is exactly polite.

"Curtains? Your room doesn't have any?"

That startles him a bit, so much that he doesn't really pay attention to her tone. Most rooms are fully furnished.

"You could always steal some from an empty room. The Mansion will replace them."

He's still very much avoiding looking below her face.

"It does, but they're sheer. I'm on the ground floor and it's easy to see in." And that will not do. "I might as well make them, I have the time." Then she can add in several hidden pockets for various things while she makes them. If she just added those onto already existing curtains they would be much easier to spot.

As she takes in his gaze her eyes narrow. Several impolite about things hypocrisy go through her mind before she says in a rigid voice, "While I appreciate you not staring… not one is going to lock you up for looking below my chin, Mister Lunettes."

"It's true that there isn't much to do here."

He blinks at her with that comment.

"Excuse me? It's impolite to look. So I don't."

"One could argue that so pointedly not looking is just as impolite." she snapped. Everything in the way she was standing said she was ready for a fight --verbal or physical.

"It also suggests that my gender disgusts you."

[Shelly is on the way back from her latest walk by the beach, when she notices Liam coming from the other direction, his possessions in toe.]

[Smiling warmly, she goes to meet him.]

Had I known you intended to set up housekeeping, today, Mr. Lunettes, I would have been here to assist you.

[He smiles at her.]

There was no need to trouble you. I didn't have much, aside from books, and my understanding is the Mansion will move my clothing once it realizes I've changed rooms.

[Shelly gives a soft laugh, falling into step beside him.]

You should consider yourself lucky that the Mansion is all you need worry about. I still wake up some mornings expecting Gilbertine's Knave to have been at my wardrobe again.

[He laughs softly.]

I woke to find him in my room, as well, shortly after I arrived here. I thought he was Glen Baskerville at first. At least his intentions were harmless.

The Mansion's intentions, on the other hand...

[She gives a quiet and thoughtful hum.]

Sometimes it is harmless and other times not… I have been wondering whether it might improve our lot if someone were to try befriending its Will…

Depends on the definition of harmless, I'd guess.

[He considers that.]

My younger self apparently sought her out to thank her, and gave her a hug. I'm not certain how well that went over.

[She laughs, at that.]

Given that he didn't spend the following week as some unsavory animal, I suppose it must have gone over well enough.

[He smiles at her.]

I daresay he would actually enjoy that, and the Will likely already knows that.

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