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The Bonfire Post™
Brb dorking
almost_knightly wrote in pandoraheartsdr
There is a beach now.


WELL! This is the perfect opportunity for all kinds of things, including shoving aaaaaall the people he particularly enjoys harassing into the water and chasing the bitties around with drinking water and sunscreen building epic sandcastles with the kids, to say nothing of planting the concept of topless beaches into the heads of various Chains just to scandalize all the Victorians and then hypocritically beating up anyone who ogles the modern Sharon too much. But, perhaps best of all, it’s the perfect opportunity to get the need to set things on fire out of his system for a while without causing any undue destruction in the mansion.

To that end, at night, once things have cooled down and it’s nice and dark, Xerxes Break has built a bonfire out on the beach. He needs to expose the Hatters to the wonders of s’mores, and the Liam with the camera has brought some sparklers to play with. Break is hoping the little party might inspire the modern Sharon to come down with a guitar or something, too. It’s also always fun to let the kids stay up past their bedtime a bit, and to get a chance to see the way the starlit sky spreads over the beach.

...that, and yeah, he’s just really been wanting to set things on fire lately.

[Here's your fire, forward-dated tooooo...whenever it’s convenient, that’s when, and bugger the timelines. Bugger them, I say!

This post is for mingling; anyone and anyone can post as they like. And as always, I, for one, welcome the late people. Have fun!]

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[Break is surrounded by Mad Hatters, small children, probably a large dog, and s'mores. Tonight is awesome.]

[The bitty has spent the ENTIRE DAY in his Victorian-style green-and-white swimsuit (which matches Hobbles'), and so it should be no surprise that he's still wearing it when he comes to the bonfire, dropping Liam's hand to immediately head over to Break and climb onto his lap.]

[Liam hangs back a bit until the bitty smiles and gestures for him to come over. He does with a resigned sigh. He's also still dressed in his swimsuit, mostly in case he has to chase after the bitty in the surf or something.]

Here, now! [Break makes room for the child easily and taps his nose, gently.] Somebody's got a bit of a sunburn. Busy day? Make sure you put lotion on that.

[The big Liam is greeted by way of a tongue sticking out, but Break also reaches to offer him a s'more. He's feeling gracious today. But don't think he's forgotten the frogs.]

[The bitty giggles a bit.]

Big-me did earlier. The sunscreen washed off in the water. I learned to swim!

[He grabs one of the s'mores as well.]

[Dork is one of the few people Hatter would ever go amongst a crowd of people for, the others in this small group were of course all named Xerxes Break as well-- Maybe Hare, maybe.

As it is, the Chain is slumped in a sit, wiggling toes in the sand as those odd swirly red eyes of his glow in the dark from the fire light catching them. Still wearing the odd pair of shorts and the unbuttoned monstrosity of a shirt, tugging at the floppy brim of his straw hat.]

[Break hands him a fresh s'more immediately. He's well aware that the Chain probably wants to get out of there, but he must eat a s'more first.]

Where in the world did you find that shirt?

It was in my room this morning.

[Sniffin at the s'more for a moment before taking a bite-- now he's squeezing it because it started to ooze after the bite, licking up the gooey marshmellow and chocolate that comes from between the ghrams.]

[Break chortles as he sits back to watch the Chain play with his food. The Will certainly knows Hatter's taste. taste.]

[Approached the man cautiously picking her way across the sand to where he was sitting.]

Mr. Break.

[Break looks up at the sound of his name.]

Miss Emmeline.

[He stands to greet her, patting sand off of his pants. It's only polite considering their last meeting, though he forgave her for that slap about five seconds after it happened.]

This is something common where you're from?

[Not that she hadn't seen a bonfire before but it was usually for other reasons.]

[Liam is fairly sure she remembers this Break from that morning she tried to make pancakes. At least he looks to be in a better mood now. Silly floppy hat in her hands now she approaches with caution, smile in place.]

Whatever are those?

[She nods at the s'mores.]

[Break glances up at the sound of her voice. A Liam? Bah. There are so many Liams about these days and they're all the wrong one; it's enough to make a man crazy.

But he can't be nasty to get rid of her in front of the kids and damned if he's going to retreat from his own bonfire, so he plucks up a freshly melted s'more and holds it out to her.]

Campfire treat from home. Careful; this one's still hot.

[She takes the s'more carefully, and the bite she takes is small, she doubts a Break would poison her, but it never hurts to be cautious, especially here. Besides, this one's body language says he's not too happy with her.

But when she tastes the s'more she's almost distracted from checking for poisson, it's like nothing she's ever eaten before. Her face lights up --and she doesn't detect anything sinister either. Good, since he seems to be distributing them.]

This is… delicious! What's in here?

[Lifting the cracker to inspect the contents.]

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