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/spams the community with celebrations
unclednw wrote in pandoraheartsdr

Mansion. There is a CELEBRATION HAPPENING TODAY. No, it's not a holiday, but if the manner in which the ballroom on the first floor is decorated is any indication, you might think that it is. There are blue and white party streamers and balloons EVERYWHERE. In the hallways, in the kitchen, and lining the way towards the ballroom where the main event is to take place.

On the long tables, there's also quite a feast! Standard lunch foods, teas, sandwiches and fruits along with cakes, cookies and even a tub of homemade ice cream. But, on the far side of the counter is something else: a large amount of different Chinese food; something that most people in this mansion aren't familiar with. But with the addition of a few members of the mansion as of late, the library provided a cookbook detailing the procedures for making a few simple dishes: chow mein, sesame chicken, fried rice and ginger beef.

...There's also a HUGE CAKE on one end of the table. Who will eat a cake that big? WHO KNOWS?

If you see a Break looking rather frazzled by commotion around, say 'Happy Birthday!' to him!

[ooc - Uncle Oscar decided to embarrass the hell out of Break by throwing him a birthday party. I'll be putting in subthreads right after this goes up, so feel free to comment around within them once they're up! Done! Go nuts!]

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[Liam had intended to avoid this party, and had washed his hands of responsibility after making sure the Chinese cookbook got into the right hands.

Unfortunately, Gilbertine had insisted that he come. Under threat of being physically dragged.

So he'll just be trying to avoid certain people.]

[This is probably the only person Liam will deliberately approach, but cautiously as he doesn't want a scolding for being here. Teasingly:]

Did someone drag you out your room, Mister Liam? Or did they just threaten to?

[Liam supposes he couldn't have hoped for his lack of presence to work on his counterparts.]

Gilbertine insisted. She didn't threaten, in so many words...

Gilbertine, eh? I half expected it to be Mr Oscar, he's the one who roped me into this.

[He gestures at the two cameras around his neck.]

Don't worry, I'm not going near the Xerxes this is all for. He'll never know I was here.

He roped me into preparations. I found the cookbook for some of the food.

[He nods.]

Probably for the best. I'm keeping away, myself.

So there's food from his world here? Do you know what kind?

[That makes him interested because that quite possibly means it's food from his world. He missed chinese. And tacos. And lots of other foods.

To the other comment he shrugs with one shoulder.]

Today is a day he should be happy. If that's what it takes then so be it, I suppose.

The cookbook was for Chinese food.

[He gestures to the appropriate table.

The rest he doesn't really want to talk about with anyone, let alone another version of himself.]

My intent is to slip out as soon as possible. I'll likely come back later and help with the clean-up. What isn't eaten will be in the icebox in the kitchen later.

Oh, Chinese! I'll have to see that for myself.

[He gives the other a concerned look.]

I doubt he'd notice if you stayed for a little longer. And maybe take the opportunity to enjoy yourself a little?

[Offered tentatively, not sure it's his place to say this, but he knows for himself that reclusive behavior is not a good thing.]

I haven't tried it; I'll probably have some later.

[He studiously ignores that concerned look.]

I'll likely wind up staying; my behavior has worried the younger version of me, and he'd be upset if I left.

And it's not fair for Gilbertine to take all the blame.

It's very good but it'll probably seem sort of rich to you. Sauces and such.

[Have a smile.]

I haven't seen the tiny Liam yet but I'm sure he's here. He'll be glad to see you --Wait, blame? What for?

[He lives in a noble household, so he's had his share of rich foods. Often as a child the cooks gave him samples of foods they had prepared for his reaction.]

It's my understanding that Gilbertine had to convince him to let her make him a cake--I believe she initially intended a far smaller one. She happened to mention it to Oscar, who is responsible for this. He roped me into it, as well.

Hence, blame for this being a big event.

Honestly, I found the cookbook before I knew his birthday was coming up. It just wound up being useful for this.

Oscar always makes things interesting. Trust him to make party out of a cake request.

I don't think that Xerxes'll be too mad at you, after all, he must be enjoying himself. I mean, it's a nice party.

[He wouldn't know of course, after all: avoid, avoid, avoid.]

He tends to be boisterous.

[Liam only shrugs. Xerxes is irritated with him regardless, and he'd rather not talk about it.]

I'm sort of surprised not to have run into him yet. Have you?

Several times. I've been here for a while, though.

You missed his shenanigans at the wedding last month.

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