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You might have noticed that for the last few days, you've been missing one(1) brooding Gilbert from your halls. He's been brooding in secret, until early this morning. Your morning routine might have been interrupted by screaming and glass breaking, a one sided airing of grievances by a very frustrated and pissed off Gilbert towards the one known as the Will of the Mansion.

But the yelling is cut off as suddenly as it started, and the voice disappears. Where did it go, you ask? It's a mystery! A complete mystery!

...By the way, there's a brooding frog sitting up on the windowsill of one of the broken windows. Clearly one thing has nothing to do with the other, right?


[ooc - The Will has turned Gilbert into a frog for a few days for breaking her stuff and just overall being a loudmouth pain in the butt. He'll be able to...well. Sort of speak. Do what you will.]

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[Break is actually outside during all of this chaos, and misses the bulk of it, as he's on the other end of the mansion when it starts. It isn't until the tantrum is almost over that he gets close enough to see a bunch of shattered glass flying out of that window, and it fills him with glee.


He waits a little while before he toddles over to the window -- just in case things will start flying out of it again -- and happily gathers up the biggest pieces of glass. Then he scoots inside to find that room and whatever other convenient bits of destruction he might be able to use in his latest projects. It takes him a while to notice the frog, but when he does, he tilts his head at it quizzically, peering.]

What the hell? [It is an animal! But...Break's eye narrows.] You are not a kitty-cat.

[Break, have you ever seen a frog actually go -_-;;; at you?

Well congrats, this frog is doing just that. Remind you of anyone in particular?]

[No. No, not really. Break finds frogs to be mysterious creatures, and their expressions are nigh unreadable to him.

So he just keeps thinking out loud to it. He does that with the animals around these days.]

I can't even imagine how you got in here. Did you crawl up somebody's sewer pipe? [He tilts his head a different way, so as to peer at the frog from a different angle.] I could keep you for the little Liam, I guess. Goodness knows that boy could use a pet. ...hell, so could the adult version.

[Croak croak croak FUCKING CROAK.

He'll just be trying to jump down now, okay.]

Whoop, shoot, no --

[BROKEN GLASS AGH. DO NOT WANT TRAUMATIZING FROG MESS. Break lurches forward and manages to catch the stupid thing -- only to remember, very abruptly, that frogs are slimy, which is why he generally has nothing to do with frogs.

So with a little "Gah!" he chucks the frog to safety and takes a time-out to do a disgusted little spinny dance. Once he's recovered, he takes off his armwarmers, wiping off his fingers and wadding them into a ball. The tattoos and ring are now exposed, but at least now he's less likely to...get more slime everywhere.]

Ohhhhh Gaaaaaawd. Where'd you go, you little bugger?

[These armwarmers will never be the same. >.| ]

[Did he just





Well, he's not really so comfortable enough with his little froggy body to be able to judge how he lands, so he'll just end up landing in a painful little heap, rolling over onto his stomach as he attempts to kick and hop a bit away from Break. Looking...pretty dazed and confused, tbh.

Disgusting or not, can you stand the thought of hurting the little frog?



Ahh, shit, I fink I've stunned it.

[Break hops over to the frog, much more successful in his hopping, and hits his knees so he can bend over and...put his head on the floor, upside down, so he can keep peering at it. He's trying to work out how to pick the damn thing up and make off with it without getting slimed again.

Now and again, as the frog moves about, Break scoots over too, keeping it in sight. He looks ridiculous, so there is that for mollification. Except that Breaks never really seem to care when they look ridiculous, so your mileage may vary. which is worse, a curious Break or a curious puppy?]

[A curious Break. Definitely a curious Break.

A puppy will find something else to entertain itself easier. AND DEFINITELY ISN'T THIS CRUEL. He's limping a bit as he hops over closer to Break, croaking out a weak:]

Break! Stop!

[WOAH NELLIE. Have the curious Break scuttling backwards as fast as possible and ultimately bumping into a random armchair.

Then he stares for a while, blinking stupidly.

Then he plops down onto his stomach, knees bent and feet waving about, and rests his chin on his hands. Apparently now he is going to have a conversation with a magical slimy amphibian.]

A talking frog, is it.


Is what he tries to say.

What comes out is:]


[Eyebrow raise.]

Not a talking frog. Okay then. Are you a talking toad? I wouldn't know; I'm not the one who spent the 90's watching PBS instead of proper brain-rotting cartoons.

[This Break's Liam was hopeless for so many years. >.| ]


[He croaks uselessly for a few seconds, actually pacing (pacing!) before he finally manages to get out:]


[Break watches the frog moving, wondering vaguely if this is actually proper frog behavior.]

Yes, I'm Break. What's the matter, Mister Toad, did little Gilly fall in the well --


Gilbert? [He scoots forward a bit to squint at the frog, only a couple inches away.] Gilbert?

[Have you ever seen a frog go >: at you, Break?

If not, you're seeing it right now. With a sad little froggy nod.]

[Break rolls over onto his back and starts doing this: ]

OH MY GOD. Oh my God, what the hell is this, I can't even. Gil -- Gilly -- what did you do? You're a bloody frog!

[It takes him a while to say this; he's having to pause to laugh hysterically every couple words or so.]



When he evolves goes back to normal, 'kick Break's ass' is going to go straight to the top of his to do list.

So fuck it. He's just going to take a running leap and jump up to stick to Break's glasses. Because he's a frog and he can jump really damned well right now. Clinggggg.]


Break makes an immensely undignified noise of intense woe and dismay -- still giggling around it -- and rolls over, flinging glasses and Gilbert off as quickly as possible.

Then he rolls over away from both, so that he can lay on his stomach and put his head down. If he keeps laughing like this he's gonna pass out in a minute here.]

[Well then he hopes that you do pass out, Break. Because this is the second time that he's hit the floor in your company, and he is hurting very badly now because of it. So he'll let go of the glasses and just sort of slump over pathetically, twitching his tiny legs.]

[Break, after he manages to choke down the laughter, makes a gallant attempt to lift his head and investigate the frog.

Nope! Not right now. Brb, lightheaded forever.

So he slumps back down again himself, just sort of grinning stupidly at Gilbert, torn between the desire to reach over and poke him and the desire to not get slimed again.

What a pair these two make, hm?]

[Why is this the worst day...



Gilbert. [Break's tone is nice -- fond, even.] You get yourself into the stupidest shit.

That hurt...

[Okay, that comes out crystal clear. Well. Froggy-crystal clear.]

I'm sorry. [Wonder of wonders, the man actually means it, too, even if it doesn't quite sound it.] I didn't want you to fall on the glass, but I forgot frogs are slimy.

[His pleasant expression doesn't falter, but he does shudder briefly. Someone has a squick~]

[Croak, croak. He rights himself and hops a little closer.]


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