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Some time after this, Barma is sitting in the library, slumped over a teacup, staring at the cooling drink.

It's a shame. It was a rather lovely rose oolong, but he just doesn't have it in him to take a sip.

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Break goes to the library daily, these days. It's not that he has much time to read himself, really, and when he does read it's that awesome silly Holy Knight series the teenage Elliots all seem to like so much. Rather, he's checking for books from his own world, just in case.

Liam wants to read about it so badly, it seems. And it would be so, so wonderful if some King Arthur turned up for he tiny Elliot with the dog.

And so, even though it never puts out, he checks every single day, sometimes twice, and it's on one of these quests that he spots Barma. It's the one he alternately thinks of as Dad Barma and Inquisitor Barma, and he has needed to check in with him, doesn't seem to be a good time, does it?

Still. He can't very well just walk off without a word when someone else is sitting around making faces like that.


"Yes, Break?"

He glances at him sideways, taking a sip of that tea.

"Can I help you?"

He isn't going to be particularly forthcoming, if Break was hoping for some grand emotional declaration.

"Well, somefing's happened, if you of all people's moping. Nuffin'-a do wiv the kids, I hope."

As far as Break is concerned, Barma can handle his own crap. But if Barma's upset, the children will be upset, and he'll be one of the people who has to deal with that.


He shakes his head.

"They have no idea, as far as I know."

"And what is it they should hopefully keep having no idea about?" Break asks, rubbing one hand over his face. "I ask because if they do find out about whatever it is and get upset over it, I might be the one calming them down. You unnerstand."

"Jack is back, but with no memories of his past time here."

He tells him, with a shrug.

Break's eyebrows shoot right up his forehead at that.

"Shit," he concludes. How very -- how very unfair.

Barma shrugs. There's not much to be done about it.

"It may well give 'em back," Break says, though he's more musing aloud than talking to Barma. "The mansion, I mean, it's -- that's what it did to me for All Fool's, took my mem'ries away and gave me new ones for the week."

He has a sudden thought, and looks at the redhead properly. "Are you planning to tell the kids? Have you found 'em yet?"

"Jack says he's lied to them."

He shakes his head.

"I don't know what to do."

So he's met them, they just don't know he doesn't remember. Well, then. Break slides onto the arm of a nearby couch; he's not about to make himself comfortable right now, but he's not leaving until they've at least figured a bit of this out.

"My understanding is that Jack loved 'em long before he ever came to the mansion. Obviously that hasn't changed, so there is that."

"And that is what is important."

He nods.

"He'll slip back into their lives, and we'll let them adjust."

"Right, then. I should meet 'im, too, since I'm involved wiv 'em. And Liam, when he's not --"


"Have you met the injured Liam recently? The mansion turned him into a little kid. He doesn't remember anyfing."

"I have."

He nods.

"I did my best to reassure him."

Break nods in turn.

"He's been clinging to me a bit as an adult, but he just wants you at the moment."

"Perfect. It'll give me an excuse for the children to not be in our room."

He sighs.

"I'm moving out, so they know where to find him."

Break winces openly. Ugh, more mansion-divorce. But at least someone will be watching out for the little Liam.

"Not too far, I hope. Those kids fink very highly of you."

"Of course not."

He still adores them.

"But Jack can't be expected to sleep next to a perfect stranger."

"Yeah." For a moment, Break chews on his lip. Then he stands. The kids will be fine; that's the important part, and Barma isn't likely to discuss any of the rest of it with him even if he asks. Not his business anyway.

"Well. It'll work out. Let me know if you need help with Liam." He moves to leave, then stops again. "Oh. You should know Vincent's mad at me at the moment. If you catch him wiv a pair of scissors, take 'em away from him, will you? I'll be speaking wiv the Gils about it, too."

"I will."

He nods.

"Stay firm with him."


He won't add the rest of the details about the latest scissors incident; Barma doesn't need to worry about it just now. But, in an attempt to cheer him up a bit --

"Fings are going much better wiv Gilbert. The latest progress is that I made him a new coat to wear to the recent wedding. He tried to tell me he didn't deserve it, and when I told him why he did, he gave me a hug instead of whimpering and crying about it."

"Wonderful. This new Jack will need help understanding them, too."

He sighs, and thinks.

"We got a little bit of work done a few days ago. Has he told you about the headaches?"

Break blinks, and plops back onto the arm of the couch.

"The small one hasn't, but the big one mentioned them to me. He didn't tell me why he has them."

"Stress. Repressed memories."

He shakes his head.

"Aha. What are his main triggers?"

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