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[ There's a Break in the kitchen, seated on the countertop with a plate of cookies at one hand and a teacup on the other. She doesn't seem to be eating them, though-- one's been picked at, all but destroyed, the crumbs littering the plate and part of the countertop itself.

She's coughing into her kerchief, blood spotting the formerly pristine fabric and her fingers, and she's even paler than usual, leaning back against the cabinets behind her. She's never been very good at resting like she's supposed to, letting herself heal; instead, she's been working, collecting the information she can. Since she can't see any longer, it's even more imperative for her to find ways to keep being of use.

Gilbert had wanted her to live, after all.

There's a book of braille closed on her lap, though who knows how she might have found it. Perhaps the mansion had provided it for her. Learning it has been slow going, since she's been attempting it on her own, but determination has usually served her very well in the past. ]

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Neither is mine. [ 'Hers'. The other one had been so disappointed when he'd discovered she was a woman. She'd grown accustomed to her Gilbert, as well-- she'd never expected to miss that fool boy this much. ] I've only met one here, in fact, though I suppose there are others. Perhaps you've only not run across yours, yet.

[Break shakes his head once, firmly, although she can't see it.]

If mine was here, we'd be togevver. I'm very recognizable and a lot of people know me. Even if he hadn't found me on his own, someone would have brought him to me by now.

But we might know the same one, here. Shoulder injury?

[ A nod, mouth thinning faintly. ] One of the Baskervilles gave that to him. [ She's still frustrated that she only killed one of them. ]

Don't get too uppity about them here. [There's a hint of a warning note in his voice now.] We're trying to avoid fighting wiv 'em, if possible. Deaf's not permanent in this place, and the last time a Glen went crazy, I'm told he killed half the mansion's residents and then burned it to the ground. A lot of the people here remember it.

[He decides not to let her know about the encounter with Bandersnatch. If she thinks she needs to be following this Liam around, it'll just stress her -- and Liam -- even more.]

In any case, he's healing well. I've been taking care of him. My Liam had the same injuries at his age, though for different reasons.

What do you take me for, a fool? [ She frowns, sitting back, raking a hand through her hair. ] Only those with powers similar to Hatter's can erase a Baskerville's existence, and there are too few versions of me capable of taking on the numerous versions of Glen and his family here.

[ A pause, closing her eye, mouth thinning into a line. ] .. Only if others are in immediate danger. For now, this uneasy peace works in our favour.

This mansion is chock full of fools, from what I've seen. Did you not hear what I said? Deaf's not permanent. You kill a Glen, for any reason, and said Glen will be back to life maybe a week later, and probably looking to make your life a living hell.

[Break sips at his tea, giving himself a bit of time to settle before he gets really snippy. This is one of his major pet peeves at the moment.]

The peace will last only so long as nobody provokes anybody else. From what I've seen, most of the Baskervilles are just as keen to avoid us as we are to avoid them, and it's the Pandora people who seem more inclined to start waving their weapons about at the first opportunity. All it'll take is one idiot whipping a blade out when it's not necessary to trigger anovver useless massacre.

[ At that, she actually laughs, short, sharp, and bitter. ]

You don't know much about the Baskervilles from my world if you think they want to avoid conflict. Oh, certainly, I'm perfectly happy to indulge this quiet so long as it lasts, but don't expect me or any of us to relax because they're playing nicely for the moment. What they did to that city was sick, and no doubt they were only too happy to do their master's bidding when he ordered another massacre here.

[ She rises abruptly, swaying on her feet for a moment before the dizziness passes. ]

If you'll excuse me, I'm off my tea.

I know that I've spoken myself wiv several of them here, and the Chains in particular spend all their time hiding. They're tired, they don't want any of their own attacked, and last time one of 'em even betrayed Glen to help get people out -- albeit quietly.

Keep stressing about it if you please, but don't bugger anyfing up for the rest of us. I've already had to break up one fight 'round here and I'm expecting to have to jump into more.

[He tenses when she sways, ready to leap up and catch her if she topples over.] Do you want me to walk wiv you to your room?

[Not "do you need help?" or "are you alright?" He knows the answer to both -- and his actual question -- is going to be no, regardless. But he is a Break, and the least he can do is ask these things without calling her weak to her face.]

No. I'm not so far gone that I can't walk to my room. [ It's snapped, her whole body tense, and if she could see, she'd be glaring. ] And kindly don't speak to me as if I'm a child who needs to be scolded; whatever your age may be, whatever your name, you clearly know very little about me.

[ She feels for her cane, snatching it up, before offering a barely-polite nod of her head and exiting. ]

[Break quirks an eyebrow at her little tirade. It's very...well, he's thrown similar ones. Nostalgic, that's what it is. It's been long enough for him that he actually finds it somewhat cute, to be reminded of how he gets in his pissiest moods.

Obviously he really is getting old.

He doesn't say anything as she goes, and he doesn't get up to follow her -- until she's had a thirty-second head start. Then he sneaks along far behind her, practiced enough at this kind of thing to be well out of earshot. She'll deck him a good one if she ever finds out, but if she does collapse, better that one of her own tends to her than a random Vincent passing by or some such.

Once she's settled, he'll go about his business.]

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