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the baskerville-vessalius wedding.
duchess baskervilleₒ
hopewasleft wrote in pandoraheartsdr
Today had been a day long in the making, and many people had had a hand in it. The mansion's grand ballroom was as elegant as it had ever been, decorated as it was for a Baskerville wedding. The doors had all been flung open onto the balcony outside, and stairs led down into what would be the reception area afterward. With spring in the air and the gardens blooming, the tables had been set up on the grounds outside. Everything was surprisingly perfect, considering the habits of the mansion's Will; perhaps she, too, was looking forward to the wedding.

[ ooc; i'll set up several threads, sort of like the pandora meeting post. also lmao short post sorry guys. post away! ]

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[Liam has taken some ice from the punch table and wrapped it in a bit of tablecloth that young Vincent apparently cut up, and has dragged a chair to an area where he can hide and ice his shoulder.

He knows it didn't reopen but it hurts.]

Re: After Oscar's scene

[Gwen moves to stand beside his chair, resting a hand over the icepack to hold it in place.]

He's related to Jack, isn't he?

[He was too preoccupied to hear her approach, and so he starts slightly before he recognizes her. Then he nods.]

Oscar Vessalius. Descendant of Jack, yes. Similar demeanor?

Jack was never quite that overt but there is a resemblance.

Overt? Do you mean liable to cause a scene when drunk?

[His shoulder really hurts right now, so he's a bit less tactful.]

Jack never drank that much, honestly. He was always... very aware of his surroundings.

Ah... Rather the opposite of Oscar, in that regard, then. Oscar likes to look for reasons to celebrate with wine.

[He winces at the way that sounded. So disrespectful.]

I mean... Lord Oscar is... That's really not what I meant.

I think it might have been exactly what you meant, and anyone with eyes can see he...enjoys celebrating.

[Her voice was quiet but there was the faintest hint of amusement in her tone.]

Is your shoulder feeling better?

It's more honest to say that he's pleased when there are reasons to celebrate. For a while... there weren't many.

[He offers her a weak smile.]

Better than it was feeling. He'll feel terrible about it if he knows he hurt me. I don't intend to tell him.

I doubt he'll notice since his wife dragged him off, at least I assume that was his wife who slapped the other man who was involved in that scene.

[He's startled by that. He'd missed that part, obviously, in his haste to get some ice on his shoulder.]

Someone slapped Break?

Lord Oscar's wife has been dead for twenty...

Oh. The Mansion. It's nice if they've had the chance to be together again.

If that's indeed her, I don't know myself.

The dead come back to life here?

I barely remember her; I was a child, new to serving the nobility, when she died.

I've been told that death is not permanent here, but I don't know if the Mansion is capable of that. It may have taken her from a time before she died.

I haven't met anyone by that name. I'm sorry. But I also haven't met many people here. I've spent quite a bit of my time bedridden because of my injuries. It's only recently that I've been able to move about normally.

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