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close your eyes and see the skies are falling
willofthemanor wrote in pandoraheartsdr
For once, The Will of the mansion is in a good mood. The residents have been good, for the most part, and after all of those pranks played over the last week, she's willing to make it up to them with a light show. A night sky light show, to be exact.

The dark evening sky that mimics the one that the residents know back home will have a few new additions to it tonight. Meteors fly by at quick intervals, and if you look closely, they seem to reappear on the mansion grounds after the disappear on the horizon in the form of tiny fireflies, darting around over the bushes and trees and lighting the way through the hedge maze.

It's a beautiful sight to behold, and the temperature outside is moderate and cool - no frigid gusts of wind ruining the comforting atmosphere. Enjoy, everyone.

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[ Well, the meteor shower means next to nothing to her, of course, being that she can't actually see it, but after hearing a few mentions of the light-show around the halls, she'd wandered out anyway. If nothing else, the night air is nice, and hopefully it'll do her a little good.

Besides, with so many people congregating outside on the porches and balconies, it's an excellent opportunity to listen to the gossip.

So there she is, seated in a porch swing, pushing it gently back and forth with one heeled foot. There's a slight rasp to her breathing, but it hasn't devolved into coughing, yet, and her side doesn't seem to be giving her trouble.. so maybe there's something to this night-air theory, after all. ]


Aren't you supposed to be in bed?

[ Your glower means nothing to her, Gilbertine. Indeed, after a moment, she offers a sunny smile. ]

Gilbertine! A lovely night to be out, don't you think? I don't suppose you brought tea, though.

I'll give you tea in bed. [She snorts and sits next to break, shoving her hands in her coat pockets after lighting a cigarette.]

Bed is boring. Besides, everyone was chatting about this meteor shower.

[ A small cough as the smoke reaches her, but she waves it away a moment later and the cough subsides again. ]

You can see it as well out here as in there. [Her voice is dry but she turns away from Break at the cough.]

It's not about seeing it, Gilbertine. [ Clearly. She's not seeing much these days, after all. ] It's about being out here to experience it. Two very different things.

[Gil huffs at that.] Do what you want but I won't be around later to drag you into the house if you get hurt.

[She is the only blind Break he knows about, and after taking care of his Xerxes he can tell. She's also the closest person to the Xerxes he knows, and he needs a bit of normalcy right now.

He'll be approaching her to stand next to her; he'll wait for permission before sitting down.]

I hope you've been taking care of that injury.

[This is said kindly, not nagging, because he hasn't seen her since stitching it.]

Oh, with Gilbertine around, I'm afraid it's been unavoidable. [ She slides over a little in the swing, silent invitation, crossing her legs neatly and setting her cane aside. ] I should be asking you that, instead, should I not?

[ A smug grin spreads across her face, clucking her tongue. ]

Though I do realize you miss my ability to fascinate and entertain, you really shouldn't risk your health by hunting me down like this, Liam.

I'd assume she's been feeding you as well, then.

[He has a seat, careful not to lose his balance.

He gives her a look, but she can't see it. So he does what he does with his Xerxes--let's a bit of irritated huffiness slip into his voice.]

I noticed the meteor shower from my room, and decided to come out. I've been recovering quite well. One of your counterparts here had this happen to the Liam in his world, so he's been helping.

I don't need the sling anymore, for instance.

[And here comes a bit of disapproving nagging.]

And don't think I can't hear your breathing. Should you even be out here?

Oh, here and there. [ When she has an appetite, she mostly indulges in sweets-- as usual.

Her hand lifts, finding Liam's arm with a small noise of approval. ]
So you don't. Much better. Now you can write with one hand and file with the other. Or hit me when you think I deserve it.

[ A brief pause, head tilting toward him, smile amused and a little self-effacing. ]

I'm not bedridden yet, Liam. I feel fine.

It's just out of the sling. Not capable of anything major--and if I don't hit you hard enough it's pointless!

A least I can dress properly, now. It hurt too much to bother with sleeves until now.

[Her smile troubles him. Because that's what he fears will eventually happen to Break--he'll wither to the extent that he can't get around and then languish in bed until...

Liam shakes his head, and tries to be irritable again, but his heart isn't completely in it. He wonders if she learned something he doesn't know.]

Since when is it possible to keep you bedridden? Even if you get worse, you'll find some way to get around and drive us crazy.

[ A brief pause at that, and after a moment, Break presses Liam's arm gently, frowning slightly. ]

You should've mentioned. [ Not that she could have done much to help, but she does try to look out for Liam in her own way.

The last bit makes her laugh despite herself, leaning her head back against the swing. ]

I'm afraid that I don't like uselessness.

[Liam awkwardly pats the hand she has on his arm. She is so much like his Xerxes that it would be easy to have the talk that he knows that she and her Liam, if their timeline is similar, would need to have. But this is the mansion, and it isn't possible for either of them. He wishes she were his Xerxes.]

It's alright. In any case, it would have been more than a little awkward to have two Xerxes hovering.

[He huffs at that.]

One thing you will never be is useless, Xerxes Break!

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