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Mad as a March Hare in April
easilyflustered wrote in pandoraheartsdr
[There is a Liam in the hallway, stumbling along it with a rather uncharacteristic dreamy smile on his face.

He also seems to be talking to himself.]

It's so good to have you back. It was getting lonely in here.

[He is headed for the kitchen. For some reason he's quite hungry. He'd like some carrots. Or other wonderful vegetation.]

I know, I'm hungry, too. I don't think grass is very edible though... Well, that's a matter of opinion, and I'm not eating grass. Or clover.

[He's just recontracted with Hare. Drugs have nothing on how loopy that has made him.

He's out of a sling, and the small cut on his cheek is healed enough to not be bandaged, even if it is visible still.]

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"Clover is dangerous to some animals, you know."

Barma observes idly, slipping out from under the cloak of illusion (he hides from most people, these days) to greet his manservant.

Liam blinks at him, used to him doing this, and cocks his head a bit. Almost as though he is listening. That smile doesn't go away.

"Not to hares, apparently. March Hare insists that it is quite good."

"How is Hare today?"

He asks, cocking his head, curiously. It's a very good thing, he thinks, that they've been reunited.

The smile becomes even more content.

"Happy. He-- She--" He's listening again. "It wishes the contract had never been severed by this place. I agree."

He looks at Barma again.

"It thinks gender is a silly concept."

"I agree. One of the benefits of having access to the library in this place is that it seems to be stocked with books from theorists of the age that the technology comes from. The icebox, the lighting- and gender constructivists."

Barma is on sort of a tear through postmodernism in general.

Liam cocks his head again. "Hare means physical gender, but that as well. It thinks Knave is silly for insisting Gilbertine wear a dress."

He blinks, his eyes clearing a bit. "I might like to read some of those, as well."

[I should be sorrySniff sniff.]

I thought I smelled something familiar.

[Odd man peering around a corner at you Liam, he'd been on his way for some food himself. Food.]

[Yes you shouldHare freezes and Liam frowns, listening.]

Surely not.

[He studies the odd man, looking a bit suspicious and concerned. If what Hare told him is correct, he's very glad to have a derringer in his robe today. Hurray for the underground cavern.

He'll just be tucking his good hand inside his robe, just in case.]


Not? But it is, but last it was much more bloody than this.

[Ignore the random chuckle, it'll be for the best as he comes closer, sniffing still as the Chain's head tilted.]


[Liam nearly freezes, but immediately has the gun out and pointing at the man.]

Apparently you were right, Hare. Do you think it can die in a human body?

[Careful, he will shoot.He starts backing away as the Chain advances. He's terrified, but determined that he is not going to get ripped apart by this creature again.]

[/swoops down with L's permission; hi R! >.>]

[And here is a Break, rounding a corner and stopping quite suddenly.

London-bred street-fighter shit-talker mode: On. Instantly.]

You realize if you fuck wiv 'im you're fuckin' wiv every Xerxes Break in the mansion.

I wouldn't.

[Liam will be getting a proper talking-to after this, as well.]

[Brb staring at the gun for a moment. Seriously. Seriously? A gun.

Glancing towards Break as his nose wrinkles, growling a bit lowly under his breath.]

You going to do something about it?

[Liam he is still watching you. Go towards pulling that trigger and he'll do more than growl.]

[The kitchen will be occupied. The duke looks up when Liam comes into the doorway, but otherwise says nothing.]

[Is it Knave? Liam can't tell. And if it's Glen he doesn't want to know.]

We'll just get carrots and go back to our room.

[This is murmured, to himself, as he heads to the icebox. Maybe he should make a bit of tea as well?]

Good morning.

[He murmurs, watching the other man move. Nothing like a little bit of courtesy, right?]

[Liam nods toward him.]

Good morning.

[And then he goes right back to his purpose. He's still got a bit of a limp, but it's not nearly as pronounced as it was a few days ago. He's also still murmuring to himself.]

Not sure. Could be. Just carrots, then. No tea.

You are a friend of Lily's?

[Liam freezes just slightly. That pretty much proves that this is Glen Baskerville.]

Ah... Yes.

[She did say she wanted to be his friend, so it's technically not lying.]

[He slants a look to the doorway, before back at Liam. He stands up.]

She rarely makes friends outside of the family. [He murmurs, setting the kettle back on. He'd been taking morning tea before the other man arrived.]

How about cabbage, then?

[Liam considers that for a moment, thinking at first that it's from in his head.]

Cooked or uncooked?

(Most definitely it is-- at least, telepathically.)

Either or. Carrots would do nicely as well~ Carrot cake would be much better~!

[Cooked tastes better, to him, but... Mmm, carrot cake.]

You know, a version of you here told me he doesn't like carrot cake? He woke me up having a dream that a carrot cake monster was chasing him. I told him to sic Xerxes on it.

[He has a little giggle to himself.]

Eques may have baked some. We can check.

Hatter will take care of it quickly~

(There's a sensation of a nod that Liam can feel.)


[They reach the kitchen and Liam goes rummaging through cupboards first, hoping for that carrot cake.]

I met Hatter the other day.

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