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Fairy dust and happy thoughts
easilyflustered wrote in pandoraheartsdr
There is a bandaged Liam floating down the hallway.

He woke to discover he was floating above the mattress and has decided to take full advantage of his probably-temporary ease of mobility.

Liam is headed for the cavern he heard exists in the sub-basement, since he's heard he can get a key there and he misses the Hare. He's determined to see if that's possible.

He's also on the lookout for a derringer, because he's not going to be unprotected in this mansion.

If you come upon him, he's managed to put on slacks and his Barma household uniform coat, under which is not a shirt since he hasn't dared to try to put one on yet. He's floating only a few inches off the ground, careful in case this weird phenomenon wears off.

As far as All Fools' Day pranks go, this one could be much worse.

[ooc: prose or tag is fine]

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There's a lady down the hall, facing in his direction. One could assume she was blind with the way her eyes remained shut as she walked towards him easily. A frown was on her face, however, as she tilted her head up-- like she was seeing through the lids of her eyes and observing the bandages with dismay.

"Injured and floating?" she said. Was this Liam from after Bandersnatch's attacks? She doubts she's seen him before, too. "April was always a silly month."

She did, in his intro post

She's someone Liam doesn't recognize.

"Ah, yes. I woke up floating." He stops, staring at her for a moment. There's something familiar about her. "You are...?"

I thought they did, but I wasn't so sure XD

She reached up to hold his hands, mindful of the injuries, and attempted to tug him back down to the carpeted floor.

"Yours," Hare answered.

Yup, but in March Hare form~

It doesn't work. Whatever is keeping him in the air isn't letting him touch the ground.

He blinks at her. "Hare?"

She does have the feel of the Hare.

"I met a male version of you."

"One I've yet to meet," she said, amused by this fact. And seeing as the manor was being difficult, Hare gave up and released his hands.

"He's been sleeping in my room sometimes. When I found him he was pinned under a grandfather clock in the hall."

She is Hare, so he confides, "I've heard there's a chamber with Keys, and that the Keys can renew the contract."

"We must just miss the other." A coincidence?

This was news Hare hadn't heard before. "Renew the contract?" She repeated. "What for?"

"I guess so. I'm sure you'll meet eventually."

Liam blinks at her, startled at the question. "I miss it," he answers simply.

He misses Hare being in his mind, that comforting presence. Especially here, he misses it.

It was a surprising answer, really. To be truthful, Hare quite liked Liam for many reasons and did miss having her contractor around. And it'd be so much easier for her to keep track of him this way, as well.

With a fond smile, Hare transformed into her true form. "Then, let me help you search for the key."

[ Break is seated neatly on top of a table in a hallway, her cane across her lap and a teacup held neatly between her thumb and fingers. Dressed in a variation of what she normally prefers, she's nevertheless moving a bit gingerly, and she's clearly still quite banged-up and bruised, herself.

Unless one is intimately familiar with Break, it's damned near impossible to tell that she's a woman. She's played at being a man for most of her life, after all, and that didn't change just because that damned Duke had exposed her gender along with her past contract.

She's also very much blind. Without footsteps or other sounds to alert her, and without Hatter there to be her eyes, she doesn't even notice Liam-- but it's clear that she's listening. Even injured and vulnerable here, she's still Xerxes Break. ]

[Liam realizes, as he approaches, that this isn't a Xerxes he's met. For one thing, this Xerxes doesn't seem to see him, and is bruised as though from a battle, which means...

He can't quite keep the hope from his voice.]


[ Despite herself, she starts a bit at the voice-- she's still reeling from the fact that he even survived. But then she turns toward him, and something in her face betrays her relief. She's so exhausted she can't think to pull up her usual defenses, especially not around Liam.

After a moment, she manages a smile. ]

Liam. [ But then her expression takes on a stern note. ] What are you doing out of bed? As I recall, you were a bit of a mess when-- [ A pause, a scant breath of sount. ] Ah. Though I suppose you may very well be an alternate Liam. [ The more she talks, the better she can conceal the sudden overwhelming urge to grab him, to make sure he really is alive and well.

She titters, a few fingers against her mouth, though her heart isn't in it. ]
How shall I ever get away with bad behaviour with multiple Liams running about?

[He's so incredibly relieved to see Xerxes... Is it his Xerxes.]

I've... been here for a while. I'm still hurt, but the Mansion is playing a bit of a trick on me. I'm floating like March Hare does. So it's not a strain to be up at the moment...

[He blinks at that.]

You may be an alternate Xerxes... There are several here.

[He can't help but smile affectionately, and mock-huffs.] Well, fortunately for you, I believe there's only one other version of me here. That I've seen, anyway.

[Liam looks Xerxes over carefully, falling easily into fussy mode.]

That slash to your side... Has it been treated properly? I have bandages in my room. How long have you been here?

[ Her brows climb up near her hairline at that. ] Floating, is it? Well, well. I suppose I can't be too upset with you, then.

[ Several versions of her? Just how many were 'several', anyway? At his concern, though, she manages another smile, reaching out and finding his arm, fingers pressing it once lightly. ]

I'm fine, Liam. I suppose I could stand to have you check the bandages, though. I imagine I wrapped them somewhat.. clumsily.

It's All Fools' Day here. [He explains.] There are several others--two I've met who haven't... who don't rely on hearing.

[He relaxes at the little touch, relieved to feel that this Xerxes is real.

He reaches out to touch Break's elbow, to guide.]

I can imagine. It's not easy to bandage oneself, and the placement of that slash looked like it was a bit awkward. Come on.

[ She tuts at the touch to her elbow, but for the moment doesn't complain as she hops down from the table to let him lead her where he will. If she can trust anyone to be vulnerable around, after all, she supposes she can trust Liam. ]

It seems only appropriate for me to arrive on All Fools' Day, all things considered.

[ A quiet moment, then, considering that there might be other versions of her here who can still-- see. For a moment, she's jealous; she can't help it. She thought she'd accepted it, but.. ]

.. Well. How nice for them.

[He can't help but smile at that, relaxing in Xerxes' presence.]

It's... a relief. I was taken here before I could find out the outcome of Yura's party.

[Liam winces at the tone.]

I'm sorry, Xerxes. I know it's difficult. You try to hide it, but I know.

[He opens the door to his bedroom.]

can we time this to after gilbertine's post ;~;

[This is a Glen, looking sullen, holding a bundle of silk and ruffles in his arms as he rounds the corner.]

[Have a Liam who freezes for a second, but then realizes that a Glen carrying women's clothing in the context of current events can only be one person.

He's still cautious when he asks,]


[He looks like someone kicked his puppy.]

Hello, Master Liam.

No prob! Knave's reaction is sure to be entertaining~

[Liam has a moment of "oh thank god" inside, and then he register's Knave's hang-dog expression. He has a feeling he knows what it's about.]

I'm assuming things did not go as planned?

he is the saddest chain right now :c

She— was quite furious.

[He tightens his arms around the bundle, staring at them.]

Haha. Liam is experience schadenfreude. And hiding it.

I did try to warn you. I ran into her in the hallway. She was rather displeased, and looking for you.

[Of course, she paused in her search to make him pancakes but he doesn't mention that.]

Are you to wear those, then?

She hit me around with a fan.

[Who does that, seriously. And he gives Liam a flat look.]

Of course not. [She gave him a much more terrible punishment.] I am to return them.

Payback for insulting his taste in clothing. XD

You should probably be relieved that she isn't a lady, and that she doesn't act like a lord. Lady Shelly and Lord Barma carry them around, and they do use them.

[Liam represses a smile. And then he rubs it in subtly.]

Lady Shelly seemed quite entertained by the prank, anyway. As did one of the Xerxes.

I assume the "terrible" clothing you borrowed from me is to be returned as well?

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