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[That noise that sounded like a grandfather clock chiming, getting violently cut off mid-chime, and then the loud bang of something crashing? Don't forget a slightly girlish scream squeezed in there-

Yeah, that actually happend. Along with some other stuff. Not just someone hearing things or the mansion playing tricks. Alright, maybe the latter had a bit of a play on it.

Currently a man is laying under the downed grandfather clock, on his back, in a sprawl. Not moving, partly out of embarrassment at having ran into something and partly because.. a grandfather clock fell ontop of him.

Maybe if he laid there long enough, and was quiet, he could work up enough courage to lift it enough to wiggle out. For now he was staying there with a deathly grimace on his face. The thing was heavy and that had really hurt.]

(OOC: .. Never run in mansions, boys and girls. Don't be like this male March Hare and learn it the hard way. Prose or brackets, s'all good.)

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[The sound makes Liam jerk awake. It's the second time something has disturbed his rest, but at least this time the door didn't open.

The litany of sounds, including the one of startled pain, convinces him to get up and limp his way to the door, before peeking out.

He doesn't recognize this person laying under a grandfather clock several meters down the hallway. Which could mean they're an enemy.

Liam hesitates, quietly watching through his cracked-open door. It's not like he can help move that heavy-looking clock in his condition.]

[Heavy heavy heavy. Not that he's all that strong, but the continued pressing of the clock's weight beats out most other things.

Commencing the wiggling as hands push up against the clock face, yelping as glass cracks under hand and he goes rolling into the wall.

Sitting up on his knees Hare shakes his head, fingers pulling at his hair for a moment, muttering as his nose twitches.]

You know time isn't suppose to attack like that, so I'll.. leave you like that! Yes.. that- that'll show you. [.. Not like he would dare try to stand it back up anyway.

Pausing, leaning back as he looks down the hall.]
.. Hello?

[Spotted. He cracks the door open a bit further, blinking at the man.

Really, is his room in the noisiest hallway or something?

He addresses the man cautiously.]

It's an inanimate object. It won't care if you leave it like that.

[No point in saying hello back, really.]

[His nose twitches again.]

Yes, I know that Master Liam, but still. [Vague gesture as he rises, dusting off and straightening his jacket.] The walls have ears, so why can't clocks? They've.. certainly got faces.

[Running a hand back over messy hair, giving an idle tug to a laid back furry floppy ear.]

[Liam blinks again at the man. How does he seem to know Liam? And why would he call him master?]

Those expressions aren't meant to be taken literally.

[Then he sees the ears, and does a bit of a double-take.]

Y-you... Who are you?

They can be said in a way that they is literal, even if it's.. um, all in fun.

[His shoulders slump, dropping the subject, ears giving a little droop as well.

Really it was to get off the matter he knew it was an inanimate object, but it was better than knowing he'd been talking to himself at a clock.]

March Hare.

[Liam stares. He blinks at him several times, even opening the door a little further to look closer.

If the Hare looks, he'll see that Liam's left arm is in a sling, and there are hints of bandages under his robe. In addition to the one he sports on his forehead and the one on his cheek.]

You--You have a human form?!


It appears so!

[And it isn't that long before he's right there after catching sight of the bandages, ears laid further back and nose twitching a bit like mad.]

I'msorrydidIwakeyou?![Slowing down.] You should still be laying down not-oh dear!- gaping at anyone through the crack of a door.

[The way this man is talking... It is very much like the way it feels when the Hare is particularly flustered and running around in his head. Not that he could feel it since his contract is mysteriously missing.]

The clock falling woke me. I was... concerned about the noise, given how chaotic I've heard the mansion can be.

B-but in your state it..! [Hare is opening that door the rest of the way and is trying to coax his contractor back towards the bed.]

Well, you know what the sound is all about now so lay back down.

[Liam sighs tiredly and lets Hare lead him back to bed. That was the plan anyway.]

I'm injured, but not in danger.

[Good, Hare won't have to tie his own ears in a knot over it with fretting too much.]

I know you're injured! It was just- and then- the thing with the teeth and..! [Sentences, he's not completing them.]

[Liam actually flinches at the reminder of the Bandersnatch.]

You remember the Bandersnatch?

[He eases himself onto the bed, careful of his left side. Murmurs.]

It would have killed me if not for you.

[Breathe Hare, breathe.]

.. It's hard to forget something with teeth such as that.

[Helping carefully, moving covers aside. An ear perking with a twitch.]

Something had to be done by someone, even if the someone was me and the something was, well. It could have gone badly.

[Liam shivers as he's struck by the memory of that dog's open jaw around his neck.]

Yes, it is.

[He relaxes into the soft mattress and pillows.]

I know, but... there weren't many options left by that point.

[He remembers the fear, as False Death took him, that he wouldn't wake up, or that when he did it would be six feet under.]


[Tugging the covers up a little once the man has settled.]

No, no, there weren't.

[Liam shakes his head.]

It's not your fault. I got into that situation entirely on my own. Even Xerxes warned me.

[He yawns a bit.]

How long have you been here?

[Sitting down on the edge of the bed, for now.]

You didn't expect to run into that girl and her Chain.

[Pillow fluff.]

Not long, Master Liam, perhaps an hour or so.

[He shakes his head.]

But we knew the Baskervilles were looking for the Sealing Stones. I should have been better prepared.

[He's so sleepy, but that answer makes him frown.]

You know we're not in our world, yes?

Anything that should and could have been done is a little late to think about.

[Rubbing the back of his neck slowly, nodding.]

Yes, I know.

Hindsight, and all. I know. I can't help wishing I'd done something different, though.

[He removes his glasses and sets them on the bedside table.]

There're Baskervilles about, I'm told. So be careful.

If only hindsight could come before. [Twitch.] But then many things probably wouldn't be done that need to be.

[Just watching, ears still pinned back.]

Of course.

[Liam smiles.]

Too true.

[He gives him an apologetic look.]

I'm afraid I won't be able to stay awake much longer. I've been sleeping quite a bit lately.

From what I understand, there are other people around. I've met a Gilbert, and have been told there's a female version of him named Gilbertine. Barma has been caring for me. I met a Xerxes who can still see, too. Barma said their are child versions of Gilbert and Vincent...

[He's in an exhausted ramble now.]

Some things just have to happen, whether we think them foolish after or not.

[Hare listens, for a little while anyway, somewhere between a female Gilbert and a Xerxes who can see he stops, before resting a hand lightly on Liam's head, fingers brushing over his hair.]

I'll find out other things on my own, or you can tell me more when you aren't so tired. Get some sleep.

[Liam relaxes under the gentle touch, the very presence of Hare reassuring. He murmurs sleepily.]

You're usually always in my head, but I can't feel you anymore...

[His eyes drift shut.]

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